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   Chapter 102 Care About Him

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6755

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She wrapped him with her coat and held him to stand up carefully. The large coat covered Lily's body which made her particularly petite.

Lily didn't dare to look at James's face. When he stood up, Lily saw his well-shaped abdominal muscles. After what had happened last night, she could still feel his temperature. Instantly, her face became hot. She was so close to James that she felt almost unable to breathe. Only by leaving a little distance from him did she feel better.

James looked at Lily, and then used his uninjured right hand to pull Lily into his arms. "Lily, it's not safe outside. Let's go home first." After a long time, Lily finally remembered what he said. Did he mean that she could be safe in his arms? But that was another story.

Without wasting even a minute, James walked out of the path with Lily He wasn't sure if there was an ambush in the dark, so he had to ensure Lily's security. He wanted to talk about the rest later. Moreover, he also felt that the gunshot wound on his shoulder seemed to be inflamed. If the injury was not treated in time, it was likely to be infected.

They were around James and protected James. Although the path was overgrown with weeds, it was very close and would not bother the people in the small town. The less people knew about it, the better.

When they passed by the town, there was a car outside waiting for them. As soon as James got on the car, they left the town quickly. Lily tried to break loose from his embrace.

"Don't move. Let me hold you for a while." James didn't let go of Lily, instead, he tightened his grip. "The wound will crack open. It hurts. Be good." He wasn't worried about his wound at all. He just wanted to frighten her into letting him hold her.

It was a pity that Lily couldn't tell whether it was true or not. Yesterday, she had seen with her own eyes that there was a lot of blood on James's wound. Since he had just woken up and gotten on the car, he didn't look like an injured person at all. Lily was almost forgo

was also very clear. How could she do this again? She was caught in a dilemma and didn't know what to do.

On their way to the airport, Zelda and David were also hurrying to the town.

The bodyguards had been arranged to guard the town before James reached there. Every morning, he gave them a signal, so that they could ensure his safety. Although there was nothing unusual in the monitoring, they didn't receive any signal from James in the morning. As soon as they got the news, they informed Zelda, in case that David would come as well.

After getting on the private plane of James, David complained, "Originally you can have a nice trip to Europe and America. But you only wanted to go to the small town at home. Fortunately, both of you are fine. If there is something wrong, you will regret."

Zelda was still watching their monitoring videos. He had been scared too. "Dr. David, don't be angry. Mr. James is going to be fine."

"He is not a prophet. How could he know whether something would happen to him. I don't know what exactly it is. Every time something happened, it would come to me." The more David thought about it, the angrier he got.

Zelda was dizzy by David. He thought he would continue his work, and then he looked at it attentively.

The cabin returned to its original calm and sped towards James and Lily.

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