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   Chapter 100 James Got Shot

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6630

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Unknowingly, the movie also came to an end. Under James' silently watch, Lily ate up the whole bucket of popcorn.

The movie was over, and James was busy with the cleaning up. Lily smiled sheepishly. She hadn't expected herself to eat so much. After people had left, James walked back with Lily. She had eaten so much at that night. Afraid that she might have a stomachache, he had to walk back with her slowly.

It was late at night. Many people in the town went to bed. Everything was quiet.

Lily walked in front. Under the dim light on the roadside, she stepped on shadows. When her shadow and James' shadows overlapped, she felt like two people were hugging each other. She wanted to turn around and tell James, so she directly turned around.

While she was smiling at James, she caught a glimpse of something weird. There was a narrow alley between the two houses. Houses in the town were in all directions. It was not strange. It was strange that Lily saw a man standing there silently and looking at them.

Lily was a little scared, and her intuition told her that she should go back early. She wanted to pull James and walk fast. However, the next second, the man raised one hand quickly before Lily's move. Both his hand and the thing he was holding were aiming at one direction - James.

And Lily also recognized the coldness and heaviness in that man's hand. It was a gun!

It took less than a second for her to react from the recognizing of the gun. In this short second, she thought a lot. There was still some distance between her and James. If she were to pull him, she would have been slower than the shot. If it was a voice, even if it couldn't stop him, it would make James vigilant. But... She could not speak at all. However...

Lily opened her mouth and wanted to give it a try. "James," a name echoed in her head, mouth, and every cell in his body.


Yes, she did it. She finally shouted it out. However, the cold gun barrel also fired

n quickly reported it to his boss.

"He was shot. The blood stained a river. I won't pursue him anymore? Okay. " The man hung up the phone, looked around and found nothing unusual. Then he returned by the way he had come.

When the river became quiet again, James released Lily. Indeed, James was hiding in a nearby cave with Lily. The outside of the cave was covered with water, but its inside was very dry.

James released Lily, but Lily hugged him. She looked flustered and her arm was shaking slightly. She struggled to say in a very hoarse voice, "you, a gun."

As a result, he understood what she meant. Pretending to be relaxed, he said, "I'm fine. Don't worry. I'll be fine in a minute. Don't be afraid. "

Just now, Lily had seen with her own eyes that James' shirt had been dyed red. Obviously, it was not a small thing. Although she was scared, she knew that she couldn't shrink back at this moment. She tried to be calm and climbed behind him. Although she had made mental preparation, she still trembled with fear after she really saw the bleeding hole in his chest.

It was still bleeding. Lily picked up a small stone and hit her knees. Despite the pain, she tried to compose herself. At least, she wasn't that scared anymore.

Yes, she wanted to stop the bleeding. She looked around in panic.

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