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   Chapter 99 a Movie in the Town

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6685

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Here, no need to think too much. No one knew them. They could do everything with ease, and the time passed very quickly after being relaxed.

Lily had made many friends in the town. Every day, the children would send her all kinds of food and toys. They had become her good friend. Although Lily didn't talk much, those children still liked to play with her. Whenever this was the time, James would always stand by and watch. Seeing that Lily's face had the happiness that she had never had before, he felt happy in his heart.

During this period of time, Lily had been taking the medicine prescribed by David, but there was still no progress. Although James didn't say anything, he was still a little worried.

In the afternoon, while having lunch in the yard, a little boy ran into the house in a hurry with beads of sweat on his forehead, gasping for air, he said, "sister... In the evening... At night... "

"Speak slowly." After taking a look at the child, James recognized that she often came here for Lily.

Kristina asked the kid to sit down, and she poured her a glass of water to let her sit down.

The little girl sat down and took up the cup. After she drank half of the cup, she calmed down. "Sister, there's a movie tonight. Come with us."

There were open-air movies on the small square at intervals in the town. Many people in the town, especially children, were fond of playing together. Of course, there were also snacks in the hands of those vendors. Most of the adults didn't care about the movie content. They enjoyed chatting with each other to spend the summer night.

"Movie? Wow, you can take Lily to see the movie. Though it's not as magnificent as the urban facilities, but there are some unique flavors of the town." Kristina advised.

"Do you want to go to the movies, Lily?" James asked Lily.

Hearing what the little girl said, Lily wanted to go already. Hearing James' question, she nodded immediately.

"After you finish eating, I'll take you there. Y

tention to him. Usually, James wouldn't watch this things, not to mention he was standing here. But now because of Lillias, he had to make an exception. Since they were here, he decided to make Lillias happy. After returning to A City, he thought that the he would not let Lily eat these snacks even she wanted.

To the amazement of the vendors around him, James bought a large bucket of popcorn and a bottle of soda, especially after he said "keep the change", which made other vendors jealous.

With those things in his arms, James moved towards Lily. When he handed the paper bag to her, an unbelievable look appeared on her face.

"Just eat it. Just this once. I won't do it again." James smiled.

Lily concealed her surprise and nodded with a smile. Although she had just had dinner, seeing the children eating snacks, she became particularly fond of them. And James just gave her what she wanted. Now she was really happy.

No matter how dramatic the plot was in the movie, it was not as interesting as the person who was by her side.

No matter how funny the movie scene was, it couldn't bring more happiness to the person who was by his side.

Lily and James were sitting on a stone step to watch the movie, holding popcorn in Lily's arms, and with a soda in James' hand. They looked just like ordinary couples.

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