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   Chapter 98 Peach Blossom Wine

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The moment Kristina came in, she asked them to eat watermelon. This kind of watermelon was planted by Wayne. When they just picked it up, they waited for Lily to come back and ate it together.

She had eaten watermelon just now, so it was good for her to remove the sweetness. The watermelon was very watery. Lily ate a large piece of watermelon which made her stomach stuffed. James didn't eat the watermelon. He only looked at Lily on her face and wondered if he should give her a tissue. Otherwise, Lily would become a little kitten.

After eating the watermelons, James asked Lily to prepare to take a nap. He would take her to another place in the afternoon. Lily didn't take a nap until she heard the later words. She needed to keep herself energetic.

On the other hand, James was playing chess with Wayne in the living room. After Kristina made a pot of green tea, she watched them play chess. All of a sudden, something occurred to her. She asked James for negotiation.

"In the afternoon, you can take Lily to the orchard over there and let her pick the fruit herself. There were many fruits and they were beautiful. Girls must like them. You should take her out for a walk often. As long as she is in a good mood, everything will be fine. " Kristina looked at them and thought that they were also a good match in personality.

Wayne laughed as soon as he heard. "He must have thought of it, right! You can go out for a walk in the afternoon. Though there are not many famous scenic spots in the town, its environment is still very good. We will prepare dinner for you. What do you think? "

"Okay." "General." James placed a piece on the ground.

"Come on! Anyway, I have to be serious. " Then Wayne began to carefully analyze the battle situation and tried to change his disadvantage. He frowned for a while and shook his head. "Alas, I lost. Let's have another round! I can win! Ha ha ha! "

The room was full of laughter and aura of life.

When Lily woke up, James had already stopped playing chess. They three were sitting together and chatting. Kristina was the

hands, leaving Wayne and Kristina laughing behind.

Lily heard that James said he didn't drink today. So when they had dinner, James didn't drink as expected. James was only chatting with Wayne. Lily quickly glanced at the wine glass and found that it was red. She thought it might not be red wine.

When he saw Lily stare at Wayne's glass, James said, "Kristina is very good at making grape juice. This is her own wine made of peach blossom. It has a strong smell and a good taste. When you grow up, I'll let you have a taste."

Lily nodded her head, only pretending to have understood James's words.

Kristina said, "This peach blossom wine is also good for women's skin care. I picked a lot of peach blossom wine last year, and it's so good with a good taste. When you leave, bring some with you. When you're in high spirits, you can have a drink. "

"Okay," James nodded with a smile. He was looking forward to having a drink with Lily. He guessed that her face might be redder than the peach blossom wine.

Lily had already adapted to the life here. After dinner, she took a walk in the yard, and then was ready to take a bath and go to bed. After a day's work, she was a little tired. James didn't drink any wine today, so he had to go upstairs by himself.

When James passed by Lily's room, James stopped in front of the door for a while and said, "Lillias, good night."

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