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   Chapter 97 First Love

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6386

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Lily had a good sleep. When she woke up, she felt like she was full of strength and the tiredness had been totally gone. She changed her clothes, rubbed her eyes and knocked on James's door. After she found no reply, she rubbed her eyes as she went downstairs.

As expected, James was downstairs.

"Good morning." James saw Lily.

Lily looked at James, then at herself. They both chose white shirts. More importantly, he wasn't the type of man to do business today.

Changing into the casual sports clothes, James thought it was time for her to adapt to the simple life here.

Seeing that Lily didn't leave, James walked over and put his hands on her shoulders. He turned Lily to the other side, bent down and said, "go wash your face and have your breakfast. I'll take you around. "

After watching Lily going to wash her face and rinse her mouth, James left and began to prepare the breakfast. Everyone had had breakfast except Lily. Here, Wayne and Kristina almost lived a daily life. James also got up early. After breakfast, he was waiting for Lily to get up.

After Lily finished, she ate her breakfast obediently. There were some green beans in the porridge. The porridge was cold, but it tasted better now. Kristina cooked it with a refreshing diet. Lily's appetite was much better now.

After the breakfast, Wayne and Kristina went out to do some work. James also went out for a walk with Lily.

Walking on the muddy path, they often saw chickens that were wandering around. There were also some cats sleeping on the side of the road. The cats heard the sound when Lily and James walked over. The cats just slightly opened their eyes. After recognizing Lily and James, they continued to close their eyes and sleep.

James walked with Lily, several local residents were looking at them from a distance, curious about their status. Some children even ran out of their houses and stood on t


With the candy in her mouth, she thought, 'I didn't believe that James would travel with me at the very beginning. But now, I feel like I know little about him. I see a totally different person here.' There was no expensive red wine, no customized chair, and even no cutlery, which was all placed by himself. But this kind of James had the most genuine smile on his face.

She turned her head to look at James, only to find that he was making a ring of flowers with Lily's flowers. Looking at James's beautiful hands, which were rolling up and down the flowers, Lily could not help but think of herself, who looked like a baby when she was braiding.

After making the ring, James directly wore it on Lily's head. Such a unique garland made her hair more eye-catching, and Lily's small face was more delicate and lovely.

Wearing the ring, Lily was in a good mood and smiled from head to toe. As for James, he was also looking at her with a smile. Although they didn't say anything, they felt so comfortable. They were like a couple in their first love. They looked like a happy and sweet couple in others' eyes.

After the rest, they continued to walk.

The sun gradually rose, and the outside became hot. They began to go back and planned to have a rest.

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