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   Chapter 96 A Drunk James

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'Something's wrong! What are you thinking about!' Lily shook her head and warned herself not to think too much. Now that they were on good terms, she couldn't destroy their relationship.

After the supper, James was still drinking with Wayne. Seeing the look on Lily's face, Kristina put on a smile and talked to James for a while. James nodded and said to Lily, "you are so tired. Go to take a bath. Go to take a shower." James knew it wasn't a hotel, and It was inconvenient for them to take a bath. Only heated hot water can be used.

In fact, Kristina gave Lily a very kind impression, and since James said so, she must be very safe. Lily nodded at her with a smile. Then Kristina said something to James and left.

After watching Lily walking away, James turned his attention back to the dinner table. Although it was only a few seconds, Wayne had noticed James's action. He laughed and patted on James's shoulder. He said in local accent, "it seems that you like her very much. she's a good girl, and you need to form a family."

But the things Lily didn't know was that it was not the first time they had met each other. Ever since James knew about the small town, he had paid a visit to the compound in person. He had thought to buy it, but Wayne hadn't agreed. They were all hospitable people. Although they couldn't sell the compound to James, they had promised him as long as he had time, he was always welcome to visit here.

On the other hand, after arriving here, James was relaxed and got along well with the others. As a result, he listened to Wayne and smiled, with tenderness in his eyes. "She's good," he said.

Then, they drank one more glass and the wind also smelt like plum wine.

After Lily took a shower, because there was no hair dryer, Lily wiped the hair until it was almost dry, waiting for them to be dried naturally. After the bath, Lily felt relaxed and comfortable after changing in

y exposed.

Of course, Lily would recognize this red rope, and it was woven by herself in her broken efforts.

With her fingers, she wrote a few words in his palm. After that, she turned to look at James. She was not sure if he understood her or not.

When Lily's fingers wrote in his palm, James thought they were like the cat that lightly touched. Over and over again, he focused all his attention on the cat, not knowing what Lily's fingers wrote. Looking at Lily's eyes, James handed his hand to her with a smile, signaling her to write it again.

This time, Lily wrote slowly.

This time, James paid attention to her writing. It turned out to be written by her-"are you feeling better now? "

James nodded.

"Good night," she continued

James directly put his hand on Lily's head, caressing her hair gently. With an idle expression, he said as tenderly as usual, "Lillias, good night." Then he turned around and went back to his room.

When he went back to his room, he looked at his palms and clenched. The next second, a smile appeared on his face.

Lily then lay down on the bed, recalling what had happened today. After a short while, she fell asleep.

The night wind continued, and the concert gradually quieted down. The night turned soft and quiet.

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