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   Chapter 91 A Found Kiss

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6462

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Used to be that when he got off work, Molly and Lily were just waking up. One day, when James got home from work, he found that neither in the villa. He asked Lara and learned that they had played too much in the morning and that they hadn't gotten enough sleep.

James put down the things in his hand, quietly went upstairs, and opened Lily's door. Sure enough, Lily and the dog were sleeping on the bed. It seemed that they were sleeping soundly.

He walked over and saw Lily. She was quiet and breathless in her sleep. After a long while, Molly finally realized that there was another person in the room. She stood up and stared at James. After James made a "Shh" gesture, the dog slowly put down its head and continued to sleep.

As Molly raised her head, a wisp of hair seemed to be left on Lily's face and a little itchy. She felt annoyed and frowned.

Seeing that Lily's eyebrows became tighter and tighter, James came closer to her and bent a little. He reached out to gently pull her hair to the side so that she could continue to sleep.

The distance between them was enough for James to see every single of her eyelashes clearly. His hand placing on Lily's ear. He couldn't help but gently touch her cheek.

His touch was slow and gentle, like a feather gently skimming the surface of a calm lake, and the ripples were like a picture of a beating heart being stirred.

All he could see was the whiteness of her skin, a hint of girlish pink on her cheeks, the touch of her fingers as if he were touching a newborn baby.

He could see her beautiful eyebrows. If she woke up, her clear eyes would make everyone love her beautiful eyes.

What he could see was her luscious lips. Even at such a close distance, people could clearly see the lines on her lips. Her little mouth slightly opened, looking a little bit sexy.

He remembered her lips clearly. Just a few days ago, he had touched them. She had a pretty f

irritated him, he would accept it. But she just kept silent, which made him a little annoyed. He frowned and sighed, saying in a somewhat helpless tone, "it is excusable that you can't accept it. I made a mistake though I'm older than you. If you really hate me, I won't argue with you about that."

There was still no response. Molly looks from Lily to James. After looking back and forth between them, Molly still can't understand why the atmosphere is so strange.

"I'm going out. Don't forget to have dinner downstairs." As soon as he finished saying that, he no longer looked at Lily and strode out of the room. As soon as he got downstairs, Lara walked up to him. After a few words to her, James picked up his bag and walked out.

"Isn't Mr. James at home for dinner?" Lara asked as she chased after him. James was acting strangely today. Not long after he came back, he was going out again.

"No, thanks." James stopped and said, "I won't be back for a period. Take good care of Miss Lillias." After saying that, he left.

Lara stood at the door and watched him drive away. She didn't know what had happened. She waited Lily downstairs for supper. After a long time, Lily came downstairs. She looked absent-minded. Lara sighed.

James hadn't come back for several days.

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