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   Chapter 89 Molly Came to the Villa

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It was indeed James's style. As soon as they came to the projection room, he picked a very old film. It was said that the rhythm of the old film was very slow, thus making Lily feel comfortable.

Lily's attention seemed to be focused on the movie, while James' was focused on Lily.

"You enjoy the scenery on the bridge, those who enjoy the scenery are watching you upstairs; the moon decorates your windows, you decorate the dreams of others."

After the movie, James let Lily go back to rest. He took a look at his phone and found that Shirley had called him several times, but before he got through to her the phone rang again.

It turned out that Shirley had not seen Lily for a long time and missed her so much. She called James this time in order to ask him to bring Lily back.

"James, you don't want Lily to get close to us, do you? Why do you keep her at your house every day? What's so good about it? She won't even have someone to talk to when you're not around. Why don't you let her stay with us so that we can chat with her? " Indeed, Shirley wanted to ask Lily to live with them. Everyone else had grandchildren. If she had not had a granddaughter, she would not have been so sad. But now that she had a granddaughter, she couldn't see her very often.

"No, you can't. She doesn't like too many people. It's too noisy there. And she is only close to me." James insisted stubbornly.

"You bad boy, why are you so bad tempered? Well, I can come and see her! I'll bring Molly to visit her. Molly is on good terms with her. Hearing her name being mentioned, Molly looked up at Shirley, and Shirley touched Molly, who was lying on one side.

Hearing that, James was silent for a while. He knew Lily did need company. And it was not a bad thing to have Shirley bring Molly here. After all, Lily liked Molly herself.

"Of course." As soon as Shirley heard that James had agreed, before she could be happy, she heard James' next words.

"But, she's gotten some problems lately. If you come over, don't frighten h

d her clothes, she also smell in the wardrobe.

When she went downstairs, Lily saw Shirley and smiled at her.

Seeing that Lily walked over, Shirley quickly stood up and held her hand. The girl had been thin, and now she even lost a lot of weight after she fell ill. Her hands were so round before, but when she touched them now, the bones of them could be seen everywhere. Shirley's heart ached. "Good girl, you suffered a lot. Come and sit. How are you feeling now? Don't worry. Take your time. "

Lily was a little shy, but she knew that Shirley meant well, so she nodded with a smile and patted Shirley on the back of her hand to comfort her.

Shirley asked some more questions, and Lily answered them all, even if she just nodded and shook her head. James stood aside, watching. When he saw the right time, he interrupted them.

"Okay, let's talk about it later. Let's have breakfast first." As soon as James finished speaking, he stood up and walked to the dining room. At the same time, Shirley and Lily also went there.

Although Molly was not familiar with this place, she knew that she had to wait here obediently. So she lay down beside Lily's feet. When she felt bored, she waved her tail and gently swept Lily's feet to get attention. It turned out that she did get some attention because Lily could move her hands to touch Molly.

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