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   Chapter 87 Punishment For Amy (Part Three)

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James's words was like a package bomb was fired, and thrown to Amy, who was totally shocked and unable to think. She just stood there blankly. If she didn't run her eyes from time to time, she would be the same as specimen.

When the principal and the director heard that, they felt they were defeated.

Zelda came over and satirized, "what's wrong? Why do you stop? Don't you understand? Go on. How did you know? "

Amy was forced into a corner, but she still wanted to deny it. "Because he is a notorious scoundrel near our school. It's normal that I know his name."

"Do you think your excuses make sense? Now that we have asked you here, we must have figured out what has happened. If we hadn't paid much attention to find Ronald, he would never appear, let alone you know his name. Let me put it this way. It doesn't matter if you don't admit it or not. This won't change anything. " If Amy was not a woman, Zelda might have kicked her. But this woman was so vicious that she even wanted to hurt Lillias.

Amy knew that there was no way she could deny it. She observed the principal and others. They were all listening to the man in the chair. It seemed that she would fail today. Amy had prepared for the worst consequence of being recollected, dropped out of school, or handed over to the police.

At the thought of this, Amy was not so afraid anymore. She felt it worthy to take revenge on her. She suddenly burst into laughter. Raising her head, she looked at James and shouted, "yes, it's me. I found Ronald and I made the plan. I did this because Lillias asked for it! "!"

Without other persons' reply, Amy continued, "who does Lillias think she is? How dare she seduce my boyfriend! Well, it's not a big deal. I'm the kind of person who will destroy her. Taking off her clothes, trampling on her dignity, and throwing her into the lake, even if she did not die, it would be shameful to live! She deserves it! "

"At the beginning of the new semester, she became the center of attention and sought chance to seduce the teachers.

u said that much just now. What do you think I will do with you? "

James's voice echoed in the air like the echo of hell. Amy moved back slowly and shook her head unbelievably, "No! No! It's impossible! If you kill me, you will be punished!"

"Be punished? You can do whatever you want. " James gave a glance at the crowd around him, and two persons stepped forward and grabbed Amy.

"What are you doing! What are you doing! Let me go! Let go of me! " Amy struggled desperately, but she couldn't resist the strength of the two strong men.

At this time, Zelda took out a small box, sent it to James, and opened it.

James took out an injector from the box and opened the protective shell of the syringe's needle. With a smile, he said to Amy, "death? It's too simple for you. I will make your life a living hell. Come here. " James called the principal.

The headmaster strode over, his hands trembling with fear. He didn't even dare to look at James.

"Today, Amy, A University student, will be sent to a psychiatric hospital because of her madness. Don't worry. I'll take good care of you. " With the injector in his hand, James approached Amy, who was screaming in horror, and then raised his hand and slammed it into her neck. Watching Amy turn from struggling into a trance, James's eyes was red, and said coldly, "your life is not worth atoning."

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