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   Chapter 83 Don't Leave Me

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6736

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Just like the last time Lily was injured, James still fed her water with a spoon bit by bit, but the difference was that although Lily was injured last time, it was normal, but this time, Lily's eyes were full of fear and worry.

Seeing the light on his phone, James knew what was going on.

Lily didn't drink much water. When James fed her again, she shook her head. Putting down the cup, James looked at her and said, "I'll call the doctor to have a check-up for you." Then he stood up.

To his surprise, Lily grabbed his hand all of a sudden.

James turned around, only to find that Lily's hand held him and she wrote on his hand with another hand.

"Don't leave me." ——That was Lily's prayer to James.

A hint of tenderness flashed through James' eyes. He placed her hand under the quilt and tucked her in. "Be a good girl. Lily. I'm outside the door. I promise."

After getting James' promise, she was not that afraid anymore.

In fact, when James walked out, he just looked at his phone. It was a message from Zelda. After briefly glancing at it, he put his phone back to his pocket. At this moment, the doctor came.

Seeing James, the doctors and nurses greet him to show their appreciation, but were stopped by him.

"Come in." James gently opened the door, followed by the doctors.

As soon as the door was opened, Lily kept her eyes on the direction of the door. Seeing that it was James, she felt relieved. Since the moment James entered the room, her eyes had been focused on him, she even didn't notice the doctors behind him.

"Lily. They will give you an examination first. You will be fine later." James walked over to comfort her. Seeing that she nodded obediently, he said to the people behind him, "come here."

The doctors checked on the patient step by step. After confirming that there was no other symptoms, they explained to James the condition.

After learning about Lillias's situation, James asked the doctor to go out.

Sitting next to Lillias, he said to her gen

Why did James keep holding on to Lillias's hand? What the hell? The ambiguous relationship between them went further after the artificial respiration last night? But why was Lillias so calm? Why was James acting so naturally? Holy shit? Was it because she had actually traveled through the time machine, and Lillias wasn't falling into the water? Was it because Lillias had given birth to a baby for James? ……

Before Quincy thought of an even more incredible scene, David woke her up.

"Lillias'll be home later. How about you? School? Let me drive you here. " David offered to drive Quincy back to school.

After hearing his words, Lily was stunned, but James didn't say anything. He just cast a glance at David.

Meeting James' intimidating eyes, David threw up his hands and said helplessly, "I have nothing else to do here. I will drop off a classmate for Lillias, and she's relieved you're happy, right?"

James nodded.

Looking at Lillias, David smiled, "don't worry. I will send her back safely and won't eat her."

"What's that?" With an expression of "believe it or not, I'll beat you" on Quincy's face, 'he asked all the people for their opinions. It was none of my business?' She thought. Which kind of theory?

While Quincy was waiting for David, David grabbed Quincy, dragged her out and said to Lily, "goodbye!"

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