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   Chapter 79 Rescued From the Water

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6702

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James had arranged a driver for Lily, and he was very cautious. He didn't dare to ignore the sudden message from Lily and immediately reported it to James.

After learning about the matter, James directly drove his car out of the garage. He decided to pick Lily up. He had been worried about her going to school at night, and now she was still at school. James was really worried, not only because of this, but also because he was very restless tonight.

He drove very fast, but when he arrived at Lily's school, the driver suddenly called and said that he hadn't seen Lily, and there was no answer on the phone, nor in the classroom.

After calling Lily's number again and again, James called Luke, "Luke, Lillias is missing."

"What? !" Luke was still in the office tonight. He stood up and said, "Okay, I'll go out now."

"Contact a woman called Quincy and ask her if she has any clue about Lily." After hanging up the phone, James sped up again.

Wait for me.

Just after taking a shower, Quincy was about to sit down when she suddenly received a strange call. Before she could speak, she heard a man's voice.

"Are you Quincy? I'm Luke. Do you know where is Lillias? " His voice sounded anxious.

"Isn't she home?" Hearing that, Quincy asked immediately without even thinking who the man was, "is Lillias missing?"


"I will go out to find her right away." Without changing her shoes, Quincy picked up her phone and ran out. While dialing Lily's phone, she ran to many places they used to go.

Five minutes later, she still couldn't find Lily. Quincy's voice was racing, but she was still running. "Fuck! Lillias! Lillias! Where are you! Lillias!"

When she ran to the teaching building, a scene flashed through her mind. yes! Amy came to see Lillias in the afternoon! Lillias didn't tell her about Amy's purpose, but she was sure that it had something to do with Amy!

Quincy's hands were trembling. She looked through her contact list and said, "Calm down, Quincy. Go

r. Even though she was able to wake up, her lungs were still aching. She opened her mouth to comfort the others, but before she could utter a word, James pressed his finger on her lips.

"Honey, don't say anything. Let's go to the hospital now. " After he saw Lily nod, he immediately picked her up and immediately sent her to the hospital.

Seeing that James stood up, the principal and the others walked over to him. They bowed their heads and said, "Mr. James, what happened today was a misunderstanding." Although he had no idea what had happened, he thought it was better to admit his mistakes first.

However, James didn't answer them. Instead, he walked towards his car with Lily in his arm. After putting Lily in the car, he closed the door and said, "if something happens to her today, then all of you are my enemies."

Everyone was startled by what the man said. They all saw the man's gloomy face, and his eyes were like swords. Although he was wet from head to foot, it did not affect his outstanding and fierce temperament.

With a sneer, James quickly moved to the driver's seat and drove away.

You can't be hurt, you are mine.

Through the rearview mirror, he saw that Lily passed out again, and her clothes were still wet. Thinking of this, he stepped on the accelerator again and sped up to the hospital.

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