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   Chapter 78 Attending The Appointment

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On the way back to the dormitory, Charlie met Terence. After greeting him, he intended to leave, but Terence stopped him.

"I'm sorry for that." Terence suddenly apologized to Charlie.

Charlie knew clearly that if it was Clair who told Amy about it, then it must be Terence or Terence's friend who told Clair. But now it was meaningless to struggle about it. Charlie smiled and shook his head.

Seeing his reaction, Terence continued, "procrastinate is not good for anyone. So you'd better hurry up. Do you want to play basketball? Only with the people in our class. "

"No, I have something to do now." Charlie knew what Terence meant, but he refused Terence's suggestion. Now he just wanted to calm down and think about it carefully.

Terence didn't force him.

Returning to his dormitory, Charlie sat on his chair and wondered if he should make a call to Amy. After all, it really hurt her that he leave in a fury just now. He decided to dial his number but stopped on a second thought? The matter was not solved at all, and neither did they have any other topic to talk about.

He was more guilty than angry. What Amy said was almost right. He himself was becoming more and more absent-minded to her recently. He tried his best not to think of that person, but he couldn't help doing it.

With his mind in a mess, Charlie decided to listen to the songs first and read some books. He would go to find Amy when he made up his mind.

If there are someone who really wanted to see Lillias's embarrassed expression, Clair was the first one.

That day, a classmate of Aron Xie took a ball for Ling and he happened to know her. One of his classmates wanted her phone number just now, but her reaction forced him to ask about it.

Clair was overjoyed at the news. But She learnt her lesson and told everything in details to Amy.

Clair's description drew the attention of Amy. Amy imagined, Lillias exclaimed and attracted Charlie

the early spring night, and Lily barely saw anyone on the road. Luckily, the street lights were on and Lily didn't feel scared.

When Lily arrived at the lake, she looked around and didn't find Amy. She thought that she might have arrived early, so she found a place to sit down. Her leg was almost healed, but she still felt a little painful after walking for a long time. Lily sat down, rubbed her legs and relaxed for a while.

It was a quiet night in the campus. There was nobody around, which made Lily scared. She took out her phone and prepared to check the time.


Lily felt a strong force behind her!

She tried to grab something reflexively, but the force came so suddenly and so strongly!

Before Lily could scream out, she had been forcefully pushed out!


Then she realized there was a cold lake in front of her!

She couldn't give up, because once she fell into the lake, she would be frozen to death by the water in early spring even without being drowned!

Lily yielded, but the power was too strong!

Lily had used too much strength and her leg hurt.

Lily alleviated some of her strength because of the pain.

In that instant, that force pushed Lily down!

With a flop, water splashed, ripples moved layer by layer. But no one noticed!

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