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   Chapter 77 fight

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Unlike him, Olivia sat in the classroom, pondering on the lesson she had just taken.

She knew that Charlie was just Amy's boyfriend. But why did he help her today? Was it accidental, or did he have an ulterior motive? But just like what Quincy had said, Lily could not be associated with them too much.

After this class, Lily said goodbye to Quincy. Quincy went to the dormitory to take a bath, and Lily planned to go back home.

But it seemed that life was not as happy as they expected. When Lily and Quincy were trying to avoid contact with them as much as possible, Lily and Quincy often met them recently.

One day, in the library, Lily and Quincy found a book and read it quietly. But suddenly two people sat down next to them. They turned around and found that they were Amy and her boyfriend. There were so many seats, they just sat next to Lily. Lily felt strange, but she did not change her seat with Quincy.

In the canteen, she had supper with Quincy. When she was about to leave, she ran into Amy and her boyfriend. Quincy intended to go and pretended not to see them, but she didn't know what Amy meant. All of a sudden, Amy greeted Quincy and Lily.

"Hi, Lillias." Holding Charlie's arm, Amy greeted happily.

"Hello." Lily replied with a smile.

After greeting, the air suddenly froze. They didn't have any close relationship. Of course, they didn't have much to talk about now. But Amy was smiling now.

"I heard that Charlie blocked ball for you last time,"

'finally it's coming.' Lily thought, smiling, "that's right. Last time, I really have to thank your boyfriend. Thank you." Lily emphasized that he was Amy's boyfriend in case of being misunderstood.

"It doesn't matter. Charlie is the most enthusiastic one." Said Amy with a smile.

That smile scared Quincy. She said, "Oh, thank you. We should go now." Then Quincy pulled Lily and left the

my was extremely angry with Lillias. So she decided to add fuel to the fire and make Amy angrier. Then there would be a good show.

On her way back to her dorm, Anne was in a good mood.

Anne's good mood was different from that of Amy. Amy was angry. Amy didn't want to go back to her dormitory now. She didn't want her roommates to see that she lost her temper. So she found an empty classroom and thought carefully.

If she let go of Lillias now, it meant that she had to tolerate the grievance for the rest of her life. But Amy didn't want to be treated in this way.

If I want to deal with Lily, I have to be considerate. And Quincy was the biggest obstacle!

Thinking of this, Amy's eyes turned deep.

She looked out of the window. It was warm, but she couldn't feel it. She could only remember the colder eyes of Charlie and his colder tone.

And all of these were caused by that woman, Lillias!

Amy knew that she herself was not a simple person. She would not pay attention to what she didn't care about as long as there was no need for her to do so. But now, she had to give Lillias a lesson. I'm not Clair. I should think it over. '.

But she ignored one thing that besides Quincy, there were people she didn't know beside Lillias.

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