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   Chapter 75 Things About Love

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Then Quincy walked a few steps towards Lily. Lily thought nothing was wrong. But Quincy felt more and more strange.

"That's not right, Lillias. We are not getting along well with Amy, let alone her boyfriend. These two people are really strange."

Quincy who always behaved like a tomboy sensed that, and Lily must have sensed it. "Maybe he just mentioned it casually and was willing to do something to help others."

"Enthusiastic? Huh, I think the person with Clair must be a little cold hearted. " Quincy replied disapprovingly.

"Well, don't think too much about it. Let's go upstairs now. Don't you have heavy things in your hands? !" Lily didn't want Quincy to worry about this problem.

They continued their conversation and something else. After a short while, they arrived at the dormitory of Quincy.

A few Quincy's roommates had already arrived, and they were sorting out their things. When Quincy came in, the other roommates turned around one after another. When they saw Lily, they were all surprised and immediately came over.

"Lillias! What's wrong with you? "

"Is it serious? Lillias, What happened to you?"

"Come and sit here."

Lily often came to Quincy's dormitory, so she was very familiar with the other persons inside. Seeing that they cared so much about her, Lily felt very warm.

Quincy put down the things in his hands, and took a glass of water to Lily, saying with a smile, "all right, you ask Lillias one question after another. How can Lillias answer so many questions?"

"Okay, I know. I know you care Lillias most!" One of the girls said with a smile to Quincy.

"Oh right, Ronald. There is some cakes in the wooden box. Let's have some. This is made by Aunt Li. It doesn't feel greasy at all. It tastes fresh and delicious," Then Lily sat down.

Quincy looked at Lily, and then moved her chair to Lily's side, so that it was more convenient for her to put her legs on it. After that, Quincy took out the box, opened it and handed


Later, they chatted about other things and waited for others to sort out the things and five of them went out together. Since Lily's legs were limp, they didn't say that they wanted to go to other places. They went straight to the Four Seasons Restaurant.

There was no change in the Four Seasons Restaurant. As soon as Quincy entered, she talked with the boss.

The vendor noticed the wound on her hand. Although he didn't say anything, he prepared some light food for Lily.

They were all in a good mood eating warm food. It was a long time before they had a gathering, so there were a lot of topics to talk about. The relationship between them got closer over the dinner.

After dinner, they went to the classroom together, waiting for their counselor's speech which was about to start.

Just as everyone had told the situation before, their counselor had told it for a long time within their expectation.

When they were about to fall asleep, their counselor finally finished his speech and they all went back one by one. Lily also asked the driver to pick her up. So Quincy accompanied Lily. Quincy didn't return to the dormitory until the driver came.

Time flew. Lily sat in her car, recalling the faces of her classmates who had just started a meeting.

The time was just right, no more and no less.

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