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   Chapter 74 It Is Impossible To Get It

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6806

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On the first day of school, Lily felt that there was something wrong. But after she thought carefully, she thought that everything seemed to be natural. She shook her head and got in the car.

After driving for a while, Lily suddenly realized that she hadn't seen James today! He always went downstairs and went out with her these days. No wonder she felt something wrong today. It turned out to be like this.

As if she had discovered, James was sitting in the study at the moment. It was time for work, but he was sitting in it. If it was before, he would have gone downstairs with Lily he loved as he was worried about her.

But today, the new semester began. At first, James didn't want to let her go back to the University, but then he had no choice but to agree with her. So he had to not see her, otherwise he couldn't control himself.

While on the car, Lily did not know what James was thinking about. On the contrary, as soon as she saw that it was a call from Quincy, she felt very happy.

"Quincy, I'll be at school soon," Lily's voice was full of uncontrollable happiness.

"OK! I'll pick you up at the gate later. Ask your driver to stop at the gate. " Undoubtedly, Lily was sent here by the driver.

"Okay, I'll be there soon." After hanging up the phone, Lily cast a glance at the food on the backseat. Most of them were cooked by Lara. She assumed that if Quincy didn't come out to pick her up, she wouldn't be able to carry them into school.

Then the driver drove into the school and parked the car in front of the dorm according to Lily's words. It was not abrupt that most parents would drive their children to school on that day.

In the distance, Quincy recognized Lily's car and walked a few steps forward. She had already known that Lily's legs were injured. Thinking that she could still support Lily when Lily came out, she was able to carry Lily.

The car stopped steadily. The driver got out of the car and opened the door for Lily. As soon as Quincy saw Lily, she was excited and walked forw

e relationship with the Lily, so why should he help Lily?

Realizing that his words had surprised everyone present, Charlie added quickly, "it doesn't matter that I help her since Amy's friend is also my friend. If you are ok, we will leave now."

"Bye!" Quincy spoke first and cover Lily with his body.

Until then, Charlie and Amy went downstairs. And until they reached the place from which couldn't see Lily, Amy asked, "Charlie, what happened to you just now? Why did you want to help them? "

Charlie disguised the panic in his eyes. "Didn't you say that you would help them? I thought you would let me help them. "

It seemed that there was nothing wrong. It didn't make sense for Amy to say that it was just her casual remark. Hearing Charlie say so, she didn't feel strange but continued to discuss where to eat later.

Charlie was in no mood to talk about this topic with her. He just answered absentmindedly. Now he was just thinking about Lily's legs. He didn't ask much when Amy was there. Now he was full of worry, but then he couldn't help sneering at himself. He thought he had no right to care about Lily.

Charlie took a look at his arm held by Amy, and felt bitter in his heart. What right did he have to do this? Wasn't he a disgusting and bad man now? He had a girlfriend but still thought about something he couldn't get.

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