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   Chapter 44 The First Snow

Make You Mine By Xiang Qingqing Characters: 6751

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"What's wrong? Are you cold? " As James approached Lily, he thought Lily was cold, and intended to take up her hand.

However, Lily suddenly reached out her hand in front of James and clenched into a fist. Under his gaze, she took a long soft breath, and then opened it slowly.

In her palm, it was Christmas gift Lily wanted to give James, a red bracelet.

"This is for you." She finally plucked up the courage to speak out what she had held back for a long time.

She held a red Bracelet in her little hand, and her round and small hand made the bracelet softer.

Outside the hotel, the lights were all on. With a hopeful expression, James took the bracelet from Lily and began to study it carefully. Obviously, it was designed by someone. The bracelet looked simple, but it was difficult to woven. It seemed that she was not very skilled at the knitting. He wondered how much time and effort Lily had spent on it.

He was touched.

Seeing James's staring at the bracelet, Lily explained, "well... It might not look so exquisite, but... However... Well... Anyway, just take a look at it. "

Lily always kept her head down. She knew her own level. She didn't expect James to like it or had any extravagant hope for his putting it on. She thought that as long as she gave it to him and expressed her gratitude, everything would be fine.

All of a sudden, a pair of hands appeared in front of her, there was the bracelet in the hands.

'Obviously, he doesn't like it.' Lily thought of the days that she kept breaking up and weaving, and making up and tearing up. She desperately let herself not think about it, but the grievance suddenly surged up her nose, and her eyes began to slowly fill with a layer of mist.

"Put it on for me," said James.

'Put it on? Why does he put it on? Since he doesn't like it. Why to put it on?'

"Put it on!" Ah!

Looking up at James, Lily didn't even stop crying. She wanted to know if she heard him right.

Looking at Lily's tearful eyes, James so

ow he was exhausted.

And Lily was full of energy from the moment she got on the car. She looked at James and found that he was resting. Then she looked out of the window, admiring the night view of the city and the first snow as a present.

Outside the window, a pleasantly surprised feeling arose with the first snow. Christmas was coming.

Lily saw people said that they loved each other and proposed to each other in a variety of ways. Although Lily didn't understand what was happening outside, Lily knew that they were happy. What a happy life it was that persons were together with the one they loved.

Lily looked at James by her side. she felt happy, too. In this way, it was very happy to stay with "family".

As soon as they got back to the villa, Lara opened the door and saw the happy look on Lily's face. Immediately, she understood what had happened. Mr. James must have taken Miss Lillias to play. Although Mr. James did not show it on his face, he was still happy.

Lily went back to the room, took a bath and lay on the bed. Now she was so happy that she wanted to tell her happiness to the whole world.

When James returned to his room, he was in a good mood, although he was very tired. He looked at the documents on the table and decided to wash himself and go to sleep today.

Yeah... well... Good night.

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