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   Chapter 21 Preparation Before The New Semester

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With the guidance of Luke, Lily made a rapid progress. Although Lily's scores were not as good as those who had entered the college entrance examination, her foundation was not low now.

Luke's training came to an end about a month later. After it, Luke did not come to the villa anymore, as if he was preparing for entering the A University. Bill and Lara also returned to the villa, so that Luke could prepare for his own things.

Today, Lily was also very comfortable. Every day, she got up on time, had breakfast and then took a walk. After that, she reviewed according to the studying approach Luke had taught her. Since Bill and Lara were here, Lily had someone to talk with. It wouldn't be too boring.

Recently, James became busy again. He went out early in the morning and came back late at night. Sometimes, when Lily got up early, she would see that James went to work. Sometimes, Lily had lied on the bed when she heard the sound of James's entering the house. James was getting busier and busier. It seemed that Lily hadn't seen him for days.

One day, Lily spent a period of time on her study. She planned to go downstairs to see if she could do something for Lara. When Lily went downstairs, she found that James was already home, sitting on the couch in the living room.

James heard Lily's footsteps before she went downstairs. Different from the others around him, the others were always quiet because of his identity or temper. But she was different. If James was here, she was well behaved. She would jump downstairs as long as he was not. Lily was so careful in the first few days, just like a kitten. Once she came to a new environment, she would be afraid of something even a little sound at the beginning. After getting familiar with the environment for a period of time, she would wander up and down, sometimes even would be lazy and act like a spoiled child.

"Come here." After Lily went downstairs, James patted the seat beside him, gesturing her to sit down.

Lily walked to him obediently, but she didn't dare to sit next to him. She took a seat near him and sat down.

"The new semester of A University will begin tomorrow. You have to go there tomorrow. What major do you like? "

"Ouch... I don't understand. " 'Indeed I know nothing about this. I haven't gone to high school yet. How could I know so much?' Lily thought.

"Okay. I have selected your major. Try it first. If you don't like it, you can change your major."


"I'll ask Zelda to prepare some necessities for you. He'll pick you up to school tomorrow and bring them all here."


"You don't have to stay at school. I have arranged a full-time driver for you. You can go to school if you have classes,"

"Well... Okay. "

"Your clothes will be sent here later."

"Mine? The clothes? "

"Your clothes and other necessities."

Just then, Lara walked out of the kitchen and came out with a glass of orange juice in her hand for Lily. Lara heard the conversation between James Lily. 'Mr. James treated Miss Lillias as if she was his own daughter. He always cares about her and worries about almost everything. Why did Mr. James speak so much?' Lara wondered.

Lily took the glass of juice, waiting for James to go on.

"I'll ask Luke to come to A University as well. If you have something urgent at school, you can go to see him. And my private number is in your phone. " James couldn't say out words of letting Lily find himself if something happened, because t

his is not his character.

"Will it bother Luke too much?" Lily sipped the juice and continued, "well... If you are not very busy, can I call you? "

When James turned his head, he saw Lily looking at him. Her eyes were as bright as stars in the night sky, full of expectation and caution.

In Lily's realization, James was usually cold and indifferent, while Luke was always gentle and intimate. But comparing them, Lily was more willing to rely on James. Instinct told her that she should believe in James. So she asked carefully, praying in her heart that James wouldn't refuse.

Looking at the pair of eyes, a thought came to James's mind. However, he concealed his expression and said in a low voice, "yes."

These simple two characters only had nine strokes. but it was like in a quiet night, suddenly someone launched a bunch of fireworks. The fireworks were beautiful and colorful, as if time were always fixed at this moment.

Lily's eyebrows became a crescent moon, and a pair of beautiful eyes were hidden underneath them.

"Mr. James, Miss Lillias, please enjoy your meal." Lara sneaked a look at James and Lily. A bright smile spread over Lily's pretty face. Although there was no expression on James' face, Lara could tell from his expression that James was in a good mood after working for him for so many years.

After that, James stood up and walked to the dining room.

James sat down and saw Lara walking out. He thought for a while and said, "let's eat together. Lillias will go to school tomorrow. Take it as a celebration for her."

Lara was shocked by what James said. At ordinary times, it was she and Bill who had dinner in the small room. Although James treated them well, but master and servant were in different class, they had to abide by the duty of servant. Today, James really shocked Lara.

Then, James, Lily, Bill and Lara were having lunch in the restaurant.

Lara had expected that Lily would go to school tomorrow, so she had prepared sumptuous food. After getting along with Lily for a period of time, Lara figured out Lily's taste, and made the dishes in accordance with Lily's taste.

Although they were celebrating Lily's tomorrow's new semester, they still ate quietly.

After meal, according to James's arrangement, clothes, jewelry and so on were sent to the villa. The clothes that Lily had worn and Lily didn't like were all cleaned out from the wardrobe. Whether it was James's order or the men present had thought about it, they had even brought the disinfected bras. The size and style of them were all liked by Lily. When they were tidying up, Lily watched them and suddenly blushed.

At night, after taking a soft shower, Lily felt a little excited and couldn't fall asleep at the thought of becoming a college student tomorrow. She got up and opened the wardrobe, seeing that it was full of clothes. They were simple and low-key, but Lily could tell they were unusual at first sight.

Thinking of that, Lily felt grateful for life again.

She was going to be a university student tomorrow and she could make a lot of friends and join many social organizations. She could be more independent. She believed that she would become an outstanding college student.

At this moment, James was also thinking about whether he should drive Lily to the new school tomorrow or not. Thinking of what had happened in the team during the day, he rubbed his eyebrows, and his heart was filled with vexation.

Anyway, the next day came.

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