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   Chapter 20 Someone Comes

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And today, at this very moment. James was about to get off work. Lily was listening attentively to Luke's teaching. Suddenly someone came to the villa.

Lara led that person to the living room and handed that person a glass of juice. That person then sat quietly on the couch.

That person was exactly Charlotte Qiao, the daughter of the Qiao Family.

In A City, the Qiao Family had been in power. They were almost omnipotent in government. Maybe it was because each generation of the Qiao Family had government personnel, and their positions were quite high. Although the Qiao Family was powerful and influential in the government, everyone in the family was conscientious and behaved themselves. They hadn't been reported any scandal, nor had any descendants out of line. It could be said that the Qiao Family was honest and upright for generations.

However, in the Qiao Family, there had always been more men than women. In Charlotte's generation, she had been the only daughter. Since then, everyone in the Qiao Family doted on her. Unlike other political intrigues, the political circle was very tiring. Qiao Family members didn't want Charlotte to step into the political circle, but let her focus on art. Because they doted on Charlotte.

Though being the apple of everyone's eye, Charlotte Qiao didn't seem to be spoiled. She was gentle in character. In order to meet the requirements of the Qiao family, Charlotte was always gentle and courteous in all kinds of occasions. Over the years, she had almost become an invincible goddess in the circle, who was deeply admired by men and women.

Now, Charlotte was sitting quietly in the living room. Although she didn't say anything, it seemed that she warmed the whole living room.

After a short while, James came back from work. As soon as he entered the office, Charlotte came over to him.

"James," Charlotte greeted him first.

James nodded. He walked straight to the living room and sat on the couch. Charlotte walked over and sat beside him, keeping a comfortable distance with him.

"James, I have something to tell you." Seeing Lara put the tea on the table, Charlotte asked.

James picked up the tea cup and said, "go ahead."

Charlotte took out an envelope from her bag and put it on the tea table, and said, "you'll know when you see the envelope, James."

After putting down the tea cup and opening the envelope, James found a few photos inside, in which there were exactly him and the Lily. It was shot at the location of Billion Point that day. At that time, in case of being photographed, he had hidden Lily in the photo. Although there was Lily's face in the photo, Lily was still photographed. James put the photo in the envelope and held it in his hand instead of putting it on the tea table.

"I've arranged someone to handle these. How did you get them?" James's tone suddenly turned colder.

Charlotte's heart skipped a beat. Exactly as Charlotte expected, the girl in the photo was not an ordinary person. "Though you had dealt with that reporter, he had already informed the editor in chief of the newspaper. Fortunately, the editor in chief is one of my good friends, so the editor in chief sent me that photo. Besides, he promised not to post photos outside."

Hearing Charlotte's answer, James nodded.

"James, may I ask who the girl on the photo is?" Charlotte stared at James, trying to figure out something.

"She means a lot to me." James picked up his tea cup, still holding the envelope.

"Okay. By the way, James, it seems that we haven't had a gathering par

ty for a long time... "

While they were speaking, someone suddenly came downstairs. Charlotte turned around and saw a girl. The girl was wearing a light purple dress, with fair skin. Although her features had not yet opened, she had already developed a small and exquisite appearance.

That girl was Lily. She happened to be thirsty. Thinking that James was off work, Lily went downstairs to drink some water. As a result, Lily found a strange woman with gentle and graceful temperament in the living room, though Lily was only looking at this woman's side face, Lily could think out how beautiful this woman was, Lily were stunned and frozen on the stairs.

James turned his head and looked at Lily. "What are you waiting for? Come here." Lily continued to go downstairs.

Almost at the same time when James spoke, Charlotte thought of the mysterious girl in the photo. Charlotte was sure that the girl in the photo was exactly the cute girl in front of her. Charlotte hadn't expected that she would live here like this. 'James must have treated her differently, ' she thought.

Charlotte liked James. Her love was gentle, not boring and quiet all the time. It was not difficult to find that the girl in front of her was young, but Lily could be Charlotte's rival in love. Generally speaking, Charlotte should hate her. Even if she was in good cultivation, she might not like Lily.

Strangely, Charlotte didn't hate her. On the contrary, she felt familiar with her. This feeling was very strange, and Charlotte couldn't understand the inexplicable familiarity.

Lily walked near them. Knowing James's character, Lily greeted Charlotte initiatively, "hello."

Charlotte didn't think about other things. She stood up and gently nodded to Lily, "Hello, I'm Charlotte."

Lily didn't know what to say next. Lily stood still, at a loss.

James glanced at Lily and asked. "Why did you come down?"

His words immediately saved Lily. She quickly answered, "I'm thirsty. Come down to drink water."

"You can just let Lara deliver it. There is an extension in the room."

"No, No. I can do it by myself. I'm just going downstairs to relax my mind." After saying that, Lily looked at the expression on James' face, and then looked at Charlotte, who was staring at Lily. Lily smiled awkwardly, and went to the kitchen to look for Lara.

After Lily left, Charlotte turned her head and asked, "is she that important person?" Her voice was trembling.

James nodded.

'James was unwilling to talk to me.' Suddenly, Charlotte felt jealous of that girl. It was the first time that she envied others all these years.

"James, I'm leaving now. See you later." Charlotte asked. She was afraid that she would lose control of herself the next second, so she left quietly. Charlotte was a girl who always cried in front of others. She was weak but strong.

When Lily came out of the kitchen, Charlotte had already left. Lily didn't know Charlotte, so she didn't pay much attention to Charlotte. Lily looked at James, wondering if he would go to the tutoring room with her.

However, James stood up and went upstairs. Holding the glass of water, Lily also followed him. However, when James arrived at the second floor, he walked into his own room. 'It was weird because he usually went to the tutoring room.' Lily thought, she didn't go to find James. Instead, she walked into the room and continued listening to Luke's guidance.

As soon as James entered the room, he put the envelope inside the cupboard of his office. Since he had kept it, then he would keep it forever.

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