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   Chapter 17 the Third Room

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Even if Lily was in hindsight, she had discovered an important thing.

After Bill and Lara left, there were only she and James left. Two of them? No, no, No. It was so terrible.

She snuck out of the room on the second floor and sat in the dining room, pondering over the question in front of her carefully.

A few days ago, when she and James also stayed alone in the study, the atmosphere was not bad. But at that time, Bill and Lara were also in the house. But now, only they two stayed together. Somehow, Lily was a little ill at ease.

And, most importantly.

Where was the dinner? If Lara was not here, the dinner would be ruined. It's okay for her to cook food. But they're just some simple dishes. Lily don't know if it's suitable for James. But how about James? 'Well, forget it. It's impossible for him to cook.'

James had known Lily's personality well. Right now, he was sitting on the sofa, patiently waiting for her to come in.

Within five minutes, the door was opened from the outside.

Lily noticed that James was looking at her, but when she thought that there were only the two of them, she blushed again. She walked slowly to the place she had been sitting before and picked up a book at random, as if nothing had happened, but her eyes were peeking at James.

As soon as she heard James stood up, Lily immediately straightened her back.

James walked to the bookshelf and looked at it, Lily looked at the bookshelf, too.

James pulls out a book. Lily peeks at the title.

James sat opposite to Lily, and Lily moved the book in her hand up stealthily.

"Hide?" As James opened the book in his hand, his voice was low as if he was mumbling to himself. Fortunately, Lily has been watching James' every move.

She put down the book and answered with a blushing face, "No."

"You're overreacting." James turned a page of the book in his hand.

Lily lowered her head and took a serious look at the book in her hand. As expected, it was an opposite direction.

Embarrassed. There were only one word in Lily's heart. She was too nervous to notice that. She slowly put down the book in her hand. She was embarrassed, but she did not admit it. "The teacher said that it can training my attention."

"Really?" James closed the book in his hand.

It didn't matter if she gave in now. However, living alone, Lily had never yielded to anyone, and no one coax her.

She had no choice but to say, "yes. If we can read backwards, our eyesight will be better." As if she was telling the truth, she nodded in agreement.

Trying hard to suppress his desire to let Lily read the book back, he put the book on the table and stood up.

Lily stood up immediately, she didn't know why, but her instinct told her to stand up with James.

Probably, there was a strong sense of dependence in Lily's action, which immediately pleased James.

"Come with me." There was a slight smile on his face.

Seeing the smile on James' face, Lily was enthralled. She thought that his smile was softer than Luke's. With that thought in mind, she followed James out of the room without hesitation.

Before Lily came to the third floor with James, Lily had never been to the third flo

or of the villa. Lara told her earlier. The third floor was James' private space and was all used by him.

As soon as they entered the first room, Lily was stunned when James opened the door.

It's a projection room. It was a secret room, a comfortable sofa, a magnificent bar table and a large screen. Lily took a quick look at it.

"It's too noisy outside. You can come here if you want to watch a movie." After showing Lily the room, James closed the door and walked towards the next one.

When they came to the second room, James opened it and Lily kept staring at the room.

What now? Entertainment Room? The room looked much larger than the previous one, but it was a little crowded because there were too many things in it. Racing cars, basketball and other kinds of video games are available here. Looking at the tall and cold man in front of her, Lily thought he would never play games.

"I haven't used them before, but the devices here are changed every year." He answered. That was a good explanation. Lily nodded at him.

As soon as the third room was opened, Lily was stunned by the decoration of it.

If the previous two rooms made Lily change her attitude towards James, then this room made the image of James in Lily's heart undergone a tremendous change.

Because the room was full of puppets! All kinds of puppets, different characters and cartoon images. "? ? ?! ! !" Looking at the cozy room, she thought of nothing but it. 'How could someone like James love dolls like a girl !'

It was really eye opening.

Lily stared at James with the "I didn't expect you to be such a person." look.

"Here you are." As if he didn't know what had happened, James walked over to the bed and picked up a puppet. With a jumping tiger in his hand, he gave the puppet to Lily and said, "you have this room the next day you came here."

Looking at the tiger in her hand, Lily had mixed feelings. 'is he trying to make it up to me? Maybe he is using another way to make it up to me?' she thought?

Lily were indeed touching. She had forgotten that she hadn't got such a thing for so many years. When she was a child, she had been eager for such things. However, it was not easy for her mother to provide for a living. She knew well that she would not accept it. She just envied the children around her. When she grew up, she had to be strong and hide her originally soft heart. However, there was still a girlish heart deep in his heart.

At this moment, she wanted to cry. She didn't know why James treated her so well. After all, they were just strangers. But she didn't dare to ask as she was afraid that she would expose the pink bubbles in her hands.

Looking at the woman who lowered her head silently, James didn't say a word. His eyes were deep. Then he walked away from the bed and walked out of the room. "Let's look at the rest later."

She gently nodded her head, not in the mood to enjoy the scenery anymore. She followed James downstairs without saying a word.

James walked in front of her, giving her a back that seemed cold but mixed with a little tenderness. He didn't say a word. He was enjoying the moment and he heard the sound of wood stairs rubbing their shoes.

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