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   Chapter 16 Sharing a Room

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Everyone knew that James of the Ling Group was a workaholic.

Although he had only been in Ling Group for a short time, he was very efficient at work. Many working overtime wasn't as effective as his three-hour report.

Besides, James strictly followed the law and didn't have any bad habits as a rich man.

But today, James drove his car away during work hours. It was surprising. But it didn't matter. After all, the company belonged to his family. He could do whatever he wanted.

In this way, James drove back to the villa.

As soon as he entered the villa, Bill came to open the door for James. He was very surprised that Mr. James came back home at this time. However, since Miss Lillias came home, Mr. James was more and more different from the previous one.

Anyway, Mr. James had changed.

As soon as James entered the villa, he got out of the car and asked Bill to park it in the garage.

He looked up at the second floor and went in.

As soon as he entered the house, Lara came over and said, "Mr. James, you haven't had dinner yet, right? I'll cook for you." As soon as she finished her words, she was about to go to the kitchen to prepare food for James.

"No, thanks. Where is Miss Lillias?" James stopped her. He unbuttoned his shirt cuffs and rolled up his sleeve.

"Miss Lillias is upstairs. Luke is helping her now. Besides, thank you for asking Luke to come back, otherwise we don't know when we will meet him. " Lara's heart ached when she thought of Luke.

"Yes." James responded simply by nodding. Then he continued to walk upstairs.

Looking at James' retreating figure, Lara knew how much James felt for her and how grateful she was.

Mr. James had always been kind, just like what he had done to her family.

After that, James went upstairs and came to the door of that room. Of course he knew it was his order.

He stopped at the door and heard the laughter from inside.

Lily's voice was not very loud, but it was very clear to James.

She was smiling?

Thinking of the past few days, James opened the door and walked in. He looked at the two people sitting inside and called out her name, "Lillias."

Lily raised her head to look at James. She was stunned to see him, not knowing when he called her.

Today, he wore a black shirt, showing a kind of abstinent beauty. She saw his sleeves rolled up when he entered the room, which made him less serious and more charming.

Somehow, Lily felt that James seemed to be a little unhappy at the moment. Why? Wasn't he the one who arranged this tutor? 'this man is so weird.'.

Luke was the first one to react. He stood up and walked towards James with a typical smile on his face.

"Mr. James, long time no see." Luke didn't stretch out his hand, because he knew that James didn't have the habit of shaking hands with others, so he directly skipped this hypocritical ritual.

After casting a glance at Luke, James walked over to the sofa and sat down. As he looked at Lily, he said, "you have changed a lot in the past few years."

Lily's face was full of doubts, but Luke knew it clear in his heart. He knew what James meant. At the thought of the past, Luke lowered his head and laughed. Then he looked at J

ames and greeted him, "brother, long time no see."

Before James went abroad, Luke always likes to follow James around and call him "brother". At that time, Luke was still a child under age.

At that time, although James didn't take special care of Luke, he never refused Luke to follow him.

"Good to hear that." as he said, he looked at Luke with penetrating eyes.

There was a knock on the door. It was Lara who brought in the tea. Luke took the tea and put it on the table beside the sofa.

"Luke," said James, holding a cup of tea in his hand. "I'll send you to A University, so does Lillias. So, you have to take care of her for me not only today. You know, I don't trust others. "

Lily was so flustered that she sprang to her feet and dropped the book on the table, making a loud noise. Was quite abrupt in the quiet environment.

Luke looked back at Lily and then at James. "I will. Don't worry."

Seeing that Lily stood up, James put down the tea cup and said, "sit."

Lily and Luke sat down.

"Give her some foundation recently." James had planned to tutor her, but he didn't have time. It would be good for him to find Luke. Moreover, he would get somebody to look after Lily even in A University.

Although Lily didn't like James' arrangement very much, she knew it was for her own good.

"Okay." Luke nodded.

"I have arranged an apartment for you next to the A University. It's ready. Go with Lara to have a look." James raised his tea cup again.

Luke understood that it was James who asked him and his parents to move there. Although James treated Bill and Lara very well, they were still in his home. Now he came back and could not live here, and his parents were definitely unwilling to be separated from him again.

Suddenly, Luke asked, "brother, about the house..."

"For them." Of course, the word "them" referred to Bill and Lara.

Bill and Lara had been working in the Ling Group's old house, and they had watched James grow up. On the other hand, as a cold-blooded man, James was familiar with Bill and Lara, so he arranged Bill and Lara to live here after he came back from abroad.

At the mention of Bill and Lara, Luke didn't refuse anymore. He could refuse James' offer, but he couldn't refuse his parents.

The three of them were in the same room but talked little. James wasn't a talkative guy. If he was there, others might talk less.

After talking a few more words to Luke, James looked at Lily.

"Lillias, be serious." Except for her name, James only said two words, but his tone sounded like a worried father.

However, just two words sounded that "you have to study hard and don't let me down, or you will die a miserable death." Which made Lily even more afraid.

Luckily, Luke soon came out and told Bill and Lara about James' arrangement.

Both Bill and Lara knew James well, so neither of them went upstairs to show their thanks. They knew that James never liked it.

After a brief tidying up, Bill and Lara went to the place where James had arranged with Luke. James arranged for a driver to send them there.

Lily had thought of seeing Lara off, but when she saw James' seemingly casual glance at her, she immediately dismissed the idea.

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