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   Chapter 14 Guidance Begins

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Thinking of James, Lily's heart sank. 'Did he say that she should go to bed early last night because her teacher is coming and she needs to take her class?' She guessed. Ah, it seemed that her nightmare was about to start.

Her face suddenly changed.

Luke had been paying attention to Lily. As he saw the change in Lily's face, he had guessed what was going on. Although Luke felt funny, he still tried to comfort Lily, "don't worry. I'm easy to handle."

"What?" Lily failed to hear what Luke said.

"I mean, don't be nervous." Luke said patiently.

Lily lowered her head and clenched her fingers tightly, "my foundation is not very good."

"Since Mr. James asked me to tutor Miss Lillias, he naturally trusts me, so you should trust me, shouldn't you?" Luke was a good man. He didn't say anything about Lily at all. He only asked Lily to trust him. "Maybe I can share with you some interesting things about me when I was a student, so that you won't be so unfamiliar with me."

It turned out that Luke found out that Lily was strange to him. Even though he was so gentle. Maybe it was because of her past experience.

"Okay." Lily knew that she would change herself after she came here. She should try to accept the teacher.

"Then let me tell you something fun about my studying abroad, Miss Lillias." Luke began to tell her his experience in England.

Lara, who was in the kitchen, stole a glance at the two people in the living room.

Luke said, and occasionally added some actions to make Lily chuckle. Luke was 25 years old this year, but Lily was only 18 years old. It seemed that there was no age gap between them. They were more like schoolmates than students.

"One more thing, my roommate got up late in the morning. I was having breakfast, he hurried out before I could say hello, and then I made breakfast for him. When I just finished cooking, he came back and asked me why. I told him that he went out before I could say happy weekend to him in the morning." Luke said and shrugged, with a helpless expression on his face.

The relaxed environment created by Luke made Lily feel no longer as strange as before.

They got along very well, and there was laughter from time to time in the living room.

"Let's eat." Lara cut in.

The family of four sat at the table to welcome Luke.

As expected, the dishes on the table were not so rich, but they were also varied in style. It was not difficult to tell how much Lara loved Luke from the way she cooked.

During the meal, Lara kept putting food in Luke's plate. Seeing that, Lily standing by the side sighed with emotion. She remembered her mother, who had passed away.

Bill looked at Luke, the son of a gentle man in the past, had grown up now. After staying abroad for several years, he became gentler and gentler. Unlike Lara, Bill had high expectations of his only child. He had been taught to be a dignified man and to be grateful. Bill hoped Luke could make great achievements after he came back. As things stood, Luke lived up to his expectations.

The dinner ended up in Lara's enthusiasm.

After the lunch, Bill asked Luke to give guidance to Lily. He couldn't fail James' trust. Although Lara wanted to talk to Luke again, she agreed with Bi

ll when she thought of James.

Lily was about to take Luke to the study, but was stopped by Bill.

"Miss Lillias, Mr. James told me to prepare a room for you. It is specifically for you to tutor. I have also transferred the books to that room you needs. Miss Lillias, please follow me. " Bill led them to a room on the second floor.

Lily knew that James had his own rules, and she didn't ask Bill for his reason.

After Lily entered the room, she suddenly remembered that it was not far from her room when she visited the villa last time, but she found it was a guest room when she looked around.

But now, the room was redecorated. The first thing she saw was a huge desk, the color of which showed the strictness of its owner. There was a computer on the desk and some necessary study utensils, which were very neat and none of them are redundant.

Besides the room, there was a tall bookshelf. Besides the books Lily was supposed to use, there were also some classics in history and some professional books. On the other side was the sofa and table. It seemed that she was in a rest area.

"Miss Lillias," said Bill, "since we are not clear about your preferences, except for the items ordered by Mr. James, the decoration style is according to Mr. James. Because of the lack of time, the decoration is relatively simple. By the way, there is a projector here, which Miss Lillias can also use. "

"Thank you, Bill. I like it." Lily inspected every corner of the room. It was really surprising that things turned out like this in such a short time. And she was here every day without being aware of it.

Bill gave a rare smile and said, "it's good that Miss Lillias like it. Then I'll go out first." After that, Bill walked out. He did not exhort Luke anymore. He knew that Luke was considerate and serious.

Luke, who had been silent since he went upstairs, fixed his eyes on his father before he returned to Lily.

Lily came to the bookshelf and started reading one by one. When she found there were many books she had never heard of, she counted the book names carefully.

Standing there and looking at Lily, Luke thought that this girl was really special. Luke thought that Lily's experience would lead her to look at the desk first, or to feel something else, but to his surprise, she went to the bookshelf first. But he didn't interrupt Lily due to his good education.

After going through all the books, Lily suddenly realized that she was not the only one in the room.

"Well... These books are very interesting. " Lily explains to Luke what she just did.

Luke looked at the bookshelf. Interesting? Most of them are textbooks.

"Well... Please take a seat. " Lily pointed at the chair at the desk and walked to sit. Luke also sat down opposite Lily. Lily and Luke sat opposite to each other, so that there was less embarrassment between them.

Lily was satisfied with the way they sat. She remembered that in James' study, she and he sat side by side, but it was not too embarrassing, as if they were used to each other.

'How wonderful it is to get along with people!' sighed Lily in her mind.

"So, are we going to tutor Miss Lillias?" Luke said slowly, with a faint smile on his face, as he usually did.

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