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   Chapter 10 Sleeping In The Study

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Lily took all the books in the cartons to the desk one by one.

The desk was large. Lily put all the books in two piles and tried to occupy the desk area as little as possible.

Lily thought 'I am adopted, so I have to study hard. Besides, James wants me to be more serious as he sent me so many books.' 'However, with so many books, which one should I start from? It seems that I don't how to study.'

Looking at this tall mountain, Lily sighed in the bottom of her heart, and then shook her head again.

"Well, I'll start with Chinese, which I still understand some." Lily picked up a Chinese textbook for grade one of junior school and began to read it carefully.

As time passed, Lara waited but didn't see Lily go downstairs out of the study. She had to ask Bill.

"Bill, what do you think Mr. James is doing? What did Zelda bring just now?" Lara pulled Bill who was going to the garden, and asked quickly.

"I don't know. I heard from Zelda that those are books." Bill was also puzzled.

"Books? What book? What book did Lily need? Lily is new here." Lara got even more confused.

"Well, it's true. Mr. James has his own thoughts. As servants, we don't have to worry about that. I don't want to talk with you anymore. I'm going to loosen soil for the flowers." After that, Bill waved Lara off and strode towards the garden.

"That's right. Mr. James must be trying to be good to Lily. I worry too much." After Bill walked away, Lara went into the building and started her work.

If Zelda hadn't seen it personally, he wouldn't have believed that his own general manager would have such an expression. How could he describe it? Gratified? Yes, it is gratification. 'After I reported the delivery in the morning, the expression on Mr. James's face was like this.'

"Get out." After listening to Zelda's report, James let him go out. Suddenly, James remembered something and stopped Zelda who was going out. "Cancel my schedule in the afternoon. I have something to do."

"Ah, okay." Zelda quickly went out, concealing her astonishment.

Zelda trotted out of the office and happened to meet a female colleague he knew. "Hello, Emily. Mr. James told me to cancel his schedule of this afternoon! I've worked for Mr. James for such a long time. It's his first time to do this."

Emily was not surprised at all. "It's not a big deal. The whole Ling Group will be under Mr. James's control, even if James doesn't go to work." Then she left.

Zelda, who still stayed at the same place, scratched his head and frowned, "is that so? However... But Mr. James is not like that... Fine, I'll go find someone else. "

The little episode in the office did not cause much trouble. While James was still working in the office, only he knew what he was thinking about.

The end of summer passed leisurely, and soon it was afternoon.

Lara was wandering anxiously in the dining room. Dinner had been served, but there was no Lily's figure. There were several times that Lara wanted to go upstairs to call Lily, but Lara was afraid that she might disturb Lily. The lunch Lara had prepared was cold and heated up for a few times. While Lily hadn't eaten yet.

Seeing the food heated up just now was going to be cold again, Lara decided to go upstairs and asked Lily to have dinner.

Suddenly there was a car voice at the door. Lara hurried to the door to have a look. It turned out that James came back.

Lara looked at the clock on the wall again. 'Mr. James came back so early, ' she thought. Lara greeted.

After entering the door, James looked around but didn't find the

person he wanted to see. Then he turned his head and looked at Lara.

Knowing what were James's thoughts, Lara said, "Mr. James, Miss Lily hasn't been downstairs. Zelda sent a box of books to the study this morning. Miss Lily has been staying in the study since then. Miss Lily hasn't come downstairs for lunch. I'm going upstairs to call her."

"Alright, I get it." James took a look at the dishes on the table and said, "heat up the food, I'll go call her." Then James went upstairs without taking off his coat.

When Lara heard James's order, she finally let go of the hanging heart, and then hurriedly went to heat up the dishes.

James went straight to the study and opened the door gently, only to find two piles of books placed on his original clean desk, but he didn't see the person who was supposed to read here. James frowned and was about to turn back to look for Lily.

Just then, he heard steady breathing sound. There was no doubt that someone was here.

James walked inside. When he was near the desk, he saw the girl he was looking for was sleeping soundly behind the book.

James carefully looked at the page number of the book which was pressed under Lily's arms. He thought, she was really of a child's nature. Perhaps it was because Lily felt someone beside her, she raised her head in a daze and slightly opened her eyes. The moment she woke up, her brain was in a mess. 'Ah, I dreamed of him.' Then Lily laid down again, 'l'll sleep a little longer.'

One, two, three... James counted in his mind.

"Ah!" A scream sounded.

Looking at Lily's round eyes, James thought that he just counted to three.

"You... You... You... I... Ah! " Scared by James's sudden appearance, Lily was panic and spoke incoherently. Then she quickly stood up. Noticing that James's eyes were fixed on the book, Lily gently closed it and thought whether she drooled on the book when she fell asleep. It would be too embarrassing if she did.

"Sleepy?" James asked an unimportant question.

Lily looked at James and whispered, "well... a little... Ah! You let me study here last night, so..."Lily worried that James forgot what he said last night, so she quickly began to remind him.

"Yes, go downstairs to have lunch." Not to mention that it was his own decision.

James's reaction was out of Lily's expectation, but she was willing not to explain anything as James didn't ask. So Lily simply nodded and was going to have lunch with him. She was just hungry.

Lily had slept on the desk for so long that her legs were numb. Just now when she hurriedly stood up, she didn't notice. Now as Lily walked out, she felt that her legs were totally numb. Lily didn't notice for a while, unexpectedly she fell down.

Fortunately, James reacted quickly and grasped Lily's hands so that she wouldn't fall on the ground or get hurt.

Coming to herself, Lily immediately took back her hand and looked up into the deep eyes of James. With crooked eyes and eyebrows, Lily revealed a sweet smile of a young girl. "Thank you."

The young girl's unique and infectious smile attracted James. Then he darkened his eyes, turned his back to Lily and said, "Be careful, and go downstairs for Lunch when you get ready." After that, James walked out of the room.

Lily held the desk and rubbed her numb legs. She pursed her lips and felt wronged. She thought that she was scared because of him. Otherwise, she would not be so careless.

However, James's indifferent attitude did not have much influence on Lily. She rubbed her legs, and when she got used to it, she went downstairs to eat.

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