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   Chapter 8 a Lot to Learn

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On their way back, James was the one who drove the car.

Although he just simply put his hand on the steering wheel, his hands were a bit exquisite. "It's a piece of art." Lily murmured in the bottom of her heart while peeking at his hands. Then she looked down at her hands. They were not slender but were very white and smooth. The fingers were like round heads, like pearls, not delicate but lovely. They were a little rough, but not affecting the overall appearance. She nodded with satisfaction.

James noticed her reaction, but he didn't say anything.

Probably after what happened just now, Lily didn't think he was as unapproachable as she thought Therefore, in the car, the atmosphere was not so awkward.

Although they didn't say anything on the way home, it seemed that the way home was not that long.

When they finally arrived home, Lara had already prepared the dinner.

Seeing Lara's receding figure, Lily somehow felt warm inside. It never happened in the orphanage before.


When the dinner was ready, Lara left the house. There were only Lily and James in the dining room.

"Let's eat!" James picked up his bowl and chopsticks. In fact, he didn't like Chinese food very much, but because of her, Chinese food was a good choice for him.

Lily was starving, but because James was there, she had to resist seeing the delicious food As soon as she heard what James said, Lily on the other end of the line picked up her bowl and chopsticks. Although she ate in small bites, her speed was extremely fast.

Looking at Lily, James suddenly remembered how he had fed a pigeon in England. They had the same actions.

Lily didn't know what was on James mind. She continued to eat.

While watching, James felt something was wrong. Although Lily eats fast, she always eats only the two dishes in front of her, and eats very little of both.

He frowned, and then picked up some food and put it in Lily's bowl. "Have it. It's not good for a girl to be picky about food."

Lily raised her head and looked at James in surprise. "I'm not a picky eater," she said and then lowered her head again.

James wasn't surprised to hear Lily's answer. His eyes darkened as he remembered those years which he had no chance to participate in.

For those years. Fortunately, he found her.

The dinner ended up in this episode.

After finishing the meal, Lily went back to her room. After taking a shower, she found that it was still early. She had slept for a long time in the day, but she didn't feel sleepy at all now. So she had to lie on the bed in boredom.

The wardrobe was filled with the clothes, pants, shoes and all kinds of accessories sent here by the Billion Point shopping mall not long ago. They were neatly arranged in the wardrobe.

"Miss. Lillias" it was Lara outside the door.

Lily immediately stood up to open the door. "What's up, Lara?" she asked with a smile

"Miss. Lillias, Mr. James asked me to call you to the study." seeing Lily hastily coming to open the door, Lara smoothed her hair and said with a smile, "you should go now. Don't let Mr. James wait."

Hearing James call her, Lily was confused, but she nodded anyway.

In front of the study, Lily remembered what happened last night. After confirming that she had put on her shoes and clothes, she gently knocked at the door.

"Come in." Hearing the

reply, Lily thought, "he never asked who it was, but it seems that no one would come to him for something."

Lily pushed the door and walked in. Standing very close to the door, she asked, "are you looking for me?"

James raised his head to cast a glance at Lily. "There are so many things you need to learn."

Lily was confused by his words. She didn't know what to say, so she stood still, without saying a word.

"Who were you demonstrating to when you're standing so far away?" It was not until this moment that James put down the documents in his hands. "Come here," he ordered

Lily moved a few more steps towards James. After meeting his stern eyes, she quickly stood beside him. She look like a trained primary school student.

At the same time, James handed a stack of documents to Lily. She took it in confusion. After she read the information carefully, she finally understood what he meant. Her face turned pale from embarrassment.

It turns out that these documents are nothing but Lily's report card of recent years.

"Sit down," James motioned for Lily sit in the chair opposite to him.

Lily slid into the couch and took a peek at James' face, but to her dismay, he was expressionless. She couldn't tell what he was up to.

The atmosphere was suffocating.

After a long time, James finally opened his mouth.

"Don't you like studying?"

Embarrassed, Lily answered, "No."

"Okay. You have to study here from tomorrow on. I'll have your books delivered here." James interrupted, "I'll check it."

Lily was surprised that he didn't ask the reason. After all, his grades, um... Almost a red light.

"HMM... okay." Lily replied after hesitating for a while.

"Go back." unlike last night, now James didn't even raise his head.

Lily slowly stood up and walked to the door. Before opening the door and going out, she hesitated for a while and finally decided to speak out, "it's not that I don't like studying, it's just... I don't have a choice." Then she went out.

A tinge of surprise flashed across James' eyes. According to Lily's personality, he had thought that Lily would only accepted it. He hadn't expected that she would explain to him.

James didn't raise his head, but from the corner of his eye, he was able to see the hesitation and helplessness on her face.

Perhaps it was her experiences that made her different from her peers that always left her with a sense of sadness. Since he had determined that she was his responsibility, he should be responsible for her.

James carefully looked through the documents brought by his assistant.

A poor family, especially after her mother's death, she had to endure the pressure. The face of Lily's mother confused James. He seemed to have seen her before, but his impression was very vague.

On the day he brought Lily back, James didn't get out of the car, but everywhere he looked was deserted. Now, it turned out that Lily didn't receive a regular school education at all, and the so-called academic performance was meaningless. It was just that a few high-school educated villagers casually taught it.

An idea came to his mind as James's eyes darkened.

Back in the room, Lily was in a very mixed mood. From the report card, she recalled the lonely life in the past, and her face was serious, which was not consistent with her age.

The night continued.

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