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   Chapter 7 Try Shoes for Her

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When they got in, there were only a few women in uniform standing there neatly.

"Mr. James," a woman came up and said in a low voice. Her makeup and clothes are all meticulously dressed. Lily stealthily glanced at her name tag. It turned out that she was a top-grade shopping counselor.

"Okay. Where is Cassidy?" He stopped and looked around.

"Cassidy is in the company now. She will appear in front of Mr. James in ten minutes."

"Now you can take her to buy something." James looked at Lily, and there was no coldness in his eyes. "Go to the Billion Point's own counter." he added

All the people present were shocked except Lily. As is known to all, the Billion Point's private counter has been the target of the rich and famous, unexpectedly let this person who has never been seen go to the counter directly, they cannot help but guess the identity of Lily.

The private counter of the Billion Point. All the clothes and accessories were unique and unique in the world. Its design, materials and taste were impeccable. The rich people were crazy pursuing it. But because there were only three customers per day, this was a place even if they were rich, they couldn't buy what they wanted. The rich also show their identity by buying clothes in the private counters of the Billion Point.

The background of the Billion Point was a little secret, but its CEO was known to all. On the one hand, James and Sean were good friends. Of course Sean would listen to his orders. On the other hand, he was a star with high social status.

"Yes, sir. This way, please." After all, she was a professional counselor, so she quickly figured out her emotions.

Lily didn't know what had happened, but she knew that James wouldn't be with her at this time, so she was a little disappointed.

Seeing that Lily didn't respond to him, James walked to her and whispered in her ear, "honey, you go first. I'll come to you after I finish my work."

Lily became shy and said in a low voice, "HMM..." Then she ran away following the counselor, but she could feel the heat in his eyes.

After seeing Lily leave, James turned to look at the screen and said with a frown, "call Cassidy to see me." The Secretary immediately went to contact Cassidy.

Following the counselor, Lily found that there were only a few waiters in the mall. She felt very strange and asked a counselor, "hello... um... is today a day off? There are very few people..."

"Mr. James likes it to be quiet, so the whole shopping mall is closed." The counselor answered while walking.

Because of him, such a big mall shut down, Lily wondered who he was. He must be rich or famous. She was surprised while worried about her future.

Sitting in the meeting room, James slightly closed his eyes and lightly tapped the table with his fingers. The whole room was unusually quiet, and only the sound of knocking could be heard.

Suddenly someone knocked on the door and broke the silence.

"Come in." James still closed his eyes.

Cassidy walked in. She was the senior secretary general of the Billion Point.

"Yin, have you dealt with all the problems?"

"I have finished most of my work, but..."Cassidy hesitated.

"Don't worry. It's time to play hard with those kids who only dare to hide behind." He opened his eyes and looked at her with confidence and momentum.

"Mr. James, is it appropriate for you to bring that girl here today..." She could feel that he was looking at her, so she stopped talking.

"Cassidy, do you know why you can stay at the Billion Point all the time?"

"I'm sorry, Mr. James. I have gone too far."

"I hope you can remember that no one should intervene in what I have decided." James stood up.

At this moment, Cassidy felt that Mr. James was more aggressive, so she stood in silence, not knowing how to answer him.

"What's more, my identity hasn't been disclosed to the public. Sean can c

ontinue to be the CEO and our team should be more efficient. I want to be more efficient. Let's send them to Europe for a vacation after this month." After that, James strode out of the room.

Standing alone in the meeting room for a while, Cassidy went out to rush back to the company to finish the task that James had asked her to do.

It was the first time that Lily had come to a fancy place, and even though James had asked her to, she didn't dare try them on. The shopping consultant waited aside in a good temper.

When James gets to where Lily is, he saw Lily with a frown, she sitting on the large sofa alone, like an abandoned puppy dog.

"Lily" James called her name softly.

Hearing her name, Lily suddenly raised her head, and her gloomy eyes brightened as she saw James. She stood up and quickly walked towards him.

As a result, James was in a good mood. He wasn't as irritated as he had been a minute ago.

"Have you chosen anything you like?"

"Ah... Nothing... I'm sorry," Lily said and smiled sheepishly.

Instantly, James took hold of Lily's hand and began to select clothes.

James's hand was big and had clear joints, and it was very warm. This gave Lily a feeling of security. She didn't want to pull her hand back.

An evil smile crept up his face. James took a white dress from the shelf and handed it to the waiting counselor. "Lily. Try it on. It matches you perfectly."

Lily gave a look at the dress. It was simple in style and she didn't hate it. She nodded and went to the fitting room with the counselor.

Standing outside, James continued to pick up clothes, imagining the scene of Lily wearing them.

Lily seldom wore a dress. When she came out of the fitting room, she was a little shy, with her hands clasped tightly.

In James' eyes, Lily was like an angel who had accidentally fallen into the world. The dress reflected Lily's waist perfectly. The hemline of the dress just reached her knee, revealing Lily's white and slender shanks. Her delicate clavicle was partly hidden and partly visible, making people want to know what it was.

Lily had never tied her hair in order, but they were exceptionally soft and gentle. It was a different feeling to wear them on the shoulder today.

He moved towards Lily, and it's not hard to see Lily's nervousness. He pulled back Lily's hair and said, "it's beautiful."

Lily became shyer when he said that.

After looking around, James pointed to a row of showcase in the distance and ordered, "go and get that pair of shoes for me."

"Okay, wait a moment, sir." The counselor quickly walked to it.

After the counselor brought the shoes to him, James took them over, took Lily to the sofa nearby, and let her sit down. He squatted down, intending to change her shoes.

Lily was frightened and took her foot back. She thought it was not fit with his identity.

"It's okay," James said, looking at Lily tenderly. It seemed that he didn't want to loosen Lily's feet. She had no choice but to be fidgeted by him.

James took off Lily's shoes, changed into new ones and put them on. The series of movements were gentle and serious, as if it was not a foot, but a work of art.

Lily noticed that he had picked up a pair of flat shoes, which made her feel very comfortable to wear. She remembered that she had read on a book, "a girl should take her foot seriously because it takes a long way." Would the man who was wearing shoes for her take her far away?

As she was lost in her thought, she didn't hear what James said.

Lily in her new shoes was like an angel. James liked the work of art very much.

When they came, Lily had slept for a long time in the car. Now it was almost afternoon. After they selected clothes for a while, they were about to go home.

After leaving the Billion Point, James suddenly held Lily in his arms. Lily felt very strange, but she didn't push James away.

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