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   Chapter 391 Honeymoon Trip

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 6629

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Yvonne felt so comfortable. Under the beautiful weather, she didn't need to wear so much clothes. Suddenly, she wished that she could get married for a second time.

After enjoying the warm sunshine in the morning for a while, Yvonne finally remembered that there should be another person on the bed, but now the half of the bed was empty, and there was no trace of the other person.

Where did Cary go in such an early morning? They had arrived here in the early morning. After such a tiring wedding, Cary still had the energy to get up so early.

Stepping on the soft wool carpet, Yvonne opened the suitcase and began to look for her clothes. Because they left in a hurry, the clothes in the suitcase were in a mess.

So Yvonne threw all the clothes on the bed. The big bed was full of clothes all of sudden, which looked very messy. "Not this one. Neither this one. Why did I bring this one? Not good..."

When Cary opened the door with the breakfast he made in person, he saw that Yvonne was buried in a pile of clothes. He asked helplessly, "Yvonne, I just made breakfast, didn't I? Why did you make this room like this?"

Looking up angrily, Yvonne asked Cary, "Cary, I remember that I put several dresses in my suitcase last night. Why are they all gone? Did you do something to my suitcase behind my back?"

Ignoring her question, Cary put the porridge in his hands on the bedside table, as if she knew nothing. "It's been a long time since our last meal. Come and have some porridge. Then we'll start our trip in M Country, and then we'll go to F Country, H Country... Don't you want to travel in more places and eat more delicious food?"

Cary tidied up the clothes on the bed and put them back into the suitcase. When he stood up but still saw that Yvonne was mad, as if she wouldn't stand up and eat unless Cary gave her an explanation. Cary sighed, "I just saw that it's only March. Why would you wear a dress? It's cold. It's not good for your health. If you

the dresses in a few minutes when Yvonne went to the bathroom. As for what to do next, it was not easy. He had been well prepared.

As expected, as soon as Cary took the card in his hand, Yvonne was obedient. How could she still think about the dress? It had to be said that Yvonne's temperament was really very clear to Cary.

Looking like a high school student, Yvonne casually found a casual dress and walked beside Cary. The two of them had a feeling of they were siblings, a brother hanging out h his younger sister.

So Cary had to admit that he was aged. He had to hold Yvonne's hand tightly to prevent her from running away.

After watching the play, Yvonne felt heavy in her heart, as if she was influenced by the plot.

Seeing her facial expression, Cary decided to take her to eat something delicious to cheer her up. Food was the best way to relieve pressure. The food in M Country was well-known. Since they were all here, how could they miss them?

The grand wedding of Cary and Yvonne made people around the world envious. They could be with the one they loved, have a happy child, complete a grand wedding, and receive so many blessings.

But not everyone was happy, at least Alexandra was not. She didn't go to the wedding because she didn't want to see the one she loved marry someone else.

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