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   Chapter 390 Grand Wedding (IV)

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The priest looked lovingly at the happy couple and said, "Now please the groom and the bride exchange rings."

Cary knelt on one knee, took the box from Jack's hand, and slowly put the ring into Yvonne's slender finger. Yvonne also took the ring from Susan's hand and put it on Cary's finger as well.

Cary stood up and kissed Yvonne again affectionately.

The priest left slowly. Houston went back on the stage again, and the music began again.

Houston's tone was full of smile, "Well, now we have arrived the most important part. All single ladies should seize the opportunity. Look at the happiness of Mr. Cary and Miss Yvonne. If you want to say goodbye to being single, you have to hurry up."

The smile on Yvonne's face didn't fade away. She walked to the edge of the stage, holding a bouquet of beautiful flowers in her hands. She stood with her back to the audience.

"Okay, I'll count to three. Then Miss Yvonne will throw out the bridal bouquet!"

Glancing at the audience, Yvonne gave a meaningful smile to Susan, who was standing in the crow of single girls.

"Okay, one... Two... Three..."

As soon as Houston finished counting, those girls who were standing behind the bride all jumped up, and the bouquet were running back and forth on top of them. Then... It stopped in a girl's arms.

Looking at the bouquet in her arms, Susan was surprised. Was it fate? She even didn't even try to grab it, but now the flower fell into her arms.

Seeing that the bouquet had an owner, Houston said, "Ah, it seems that a beautiful lady has got the bride's bouquet. Now we welcome the lady who has received the bouquet to come on the stage and say something. Welcome!"

Under the envious gaze of the crowd, Susan walked to the platform, holding the corner of her dress in her hand. Her face was still flushing.

"Well, what a coincidence. Look at you! Aren't you our bride's bridesmaid? Come on, Miss Susan, say something!"

Houston handed the microphone to her. Susan took it over. With a little hesitation, she said shyly, "First of all, I'm glad to receive this bouquet of

ess appeared in Jack's eyes. 'Alas, dude, that's what a brother like. He wouldn't remember his friend once he saw the beauty. I'd better hurry up.'

Happy time was always for happy people. For those who had resentment and jealousy in their hearts, this day was incomparably suffering.

Janetta was about to go into the wedding ceremony, but she was stopped. It was because Cary had already given an order that anyone named Janetta Qiao was forbidden to go to the island. Hence, she couldn't hand over the big gift she had prepared long time ago.

Janetta clenched her teeth, and her eyes were slowly shrouded in hatred. 'Do you think I can do nothing to stop you? You are too naive. Am I still the same Janetta as before?'

'Just wait and see. The time for you both has not yet come. Since you can't receive the gift, I'll give it to others. Anyway, you will know it sooner or later. It may work much better if it was from others to you. Ha ha!"

However, Janetta's plan hadn't been carried out in time. After the wedding, Cary and Yvonne directly flew to M Country, and they didn't return to Tema City in a short time. Those who had evil intentions didn't get any chance. They began their honeymoon trip.

When Yvonne woke up in a morning, she saw the blue sea and the ivory beach. She lifted up her quilt, put on her wrinkled pajamas, walked to the French window and stretched herself.

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