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   Chapter 388 Grand Wedding (II)

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Cary's breath became heavier. How could Yvonne not notice the change of Cary? She quickly regained her focus and stood up. She knew that she should not have provoked Cary. In the end, she herself was the one to suffer.

Yvonne tidied up her clothes and smoothed the wrinkles on it to eliminate the traces. In case that Jack and Susan would find out something unusual later.

Yvonne didn't want to talk to Cary anymore. Since she couldn't defeat him, she could just hide from him. Ignoring the burning sight from on her back from behind, Yvonne walked to the wardrobe and took out a silk scarf that had not been used for a long time to cover her neck.

After making sure that there was nothing embarrassing in the mirror, Yvonne was about to leave the room.

Cary looked at her helplessly. How could he, a living person, be ignored like this?


Turning her head to look at Cary, Yvonne didn't say anything. She just looked at him with her eyes to show her doubts. "What's the matter? Tell me. I'm going to see Godwin."

Cary saw the scarf on Yvonne's neck, which didn't match her clothes at all. He smiled in his heart. It turned out that it was because of this that Yvonne wanted to get even with me!

He did it on purpose. He left some kiss marks on Yvonne neck on purpose.

There was no special reason. Just because Cary liked doing that. Cary liked to see his own marks on Yvonne's body, which would make him feel satisfied. In this way, he could also warn those who had other thoughts on Yvonne and let them know that Yvonne had belonged to someone already.

However, Cary wouldn't admit that to Yvonne directly. Obviously, he didn't dare to do that. If Yvonne knew what he was thinking, the wedding would probably be held by him alone.

Cary lay back again and looked straight into Yvonne's eyes, sincere and infectious. "Yvonne, help me find some clothes. Do you want me to come out like this?"

Cary's shameless behavior came to Yvonne's mind again. She blushed with shyness and muttered, "What a shameless one!" But she still went to the wardrobe and found a few clothes for Cary.

She threw them all on Cary and walked out of the room without looking back.

Cary was stunned by the smash. Those clothes were all with hangers. He had to be on his guard or his face would be disfigured.

'Wow, Yvonne is so cute. She still blushes so easily after such a long t

ople rushed out of the airport all of a sudden. Perhaps a flight had just arrived. The crowd gradually passed by, but Janetta still kept looking for the person. She looked around at the door, and saw a familiar figure.

A middle-aged man with a baseball cap and a suitcase came out. He was dressed simply in sportswear. He glanced at the gate of the airport and saw a hand stretching out from a car. After confirming his direction, he walked straight over.

As soon as he knocked on the door, Janetta opened the door of the passenger seat. As soon as the man got on the car, she closed the door immediately, leaving no chance for the people outside to see the real face of the man in the car.

Uncle Brant took off his hat, with tears on his face, and choked with sobs. "Little miss, I'm relieved to see that you are living a good life. In fact, you shouldn't have come to pick me up. After all, you are a public figure now. If the paparazzi take pictures of you, it will be bad."

Janetta smiled indifferently, "It's okay, Uncle Brant. Now few people dare to lay a finger on me. They are still afraid of the person behind me and dare not write anything randomly. Don't worry."

She gave Uncle Brant some tissues to wipe his tears and said slowly, "Uncle Brant, I'll send you to your residence now. I promise you will be shocked. Then we can have a good meal and have a chat."

"Okay, I'll listen to your arrangement, Miss Janetta."

Janetta started her car. The wheels screeched on the ground, creating several potholes in the water. The car ran into the rain, leaving only a vague back.

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