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   Chapter 387 Grand Wedding (I)

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On the second day, Jack took Susan to Cary's house. As Cary said, neither he nor Yvonne had gotten up. Only a nanny sat on the sofa in the hall, holding Godwin, who was drinking milk.

Godwin grew a little taller and his face became fairer. He gained some weight and he looked ruddy. The little boy looked much healthier than he used to be before, and now he had the vaguely same features as Cary's.

Holding the milk bottle, Godwin burped and spat out a bubble. In a twinkling of an eye, he saw Jack and Susan. His eyes rolled and laughed.

He seemed to have recognized Jack and Susan. He greeted them in a low voice and waved his hands restlessly, as if he wanted them to hold him.

Jack's face lit up with joy. He had been showing up to Godwin from time to time, so he could recognize him so easily. Jack stretched out his hand and tried to take Godwin over, but what Godwin did next made Jack stiff.

Seeing that his hands were reaching out to him, the smile on Godwin's face changed all of a sudden. His eyes were red and his mouth was flat. Godwin was not happy at all, as if he was about to cry out the next second.

Jack didn't know what to do. Was he disliked by Godwin suddenly? Seeing that, Susan also stretched out her hands and wanted to hold Godwin in her arms to coax him, but Jack stopped her. With a meaningful look on his face, Jack said, "Sue, you'd better not hold him. He could recognize us and he didn't want us to hold him."

Hearing that, Susan took a look at Jack inexplicably. Without any hesitation, she gently held Godwin up, patted his back with one hand, and coaxed him.

Godwin's face turned into a smile again. Well, it showed that Godwin didn't want to be held by Jack. He disgusted Jack very much.

Jack was frozen. Who did Godwin learn from? It was too serious that he only preferred a woman to a man. He was just like Cary.

Jack smelled his own body secretly, but he didn't smell anything. How could a little boy dislike him?

Jack, who was disliked by Godwin alone, found a place to vent his anger in silence.


nne covered her face with her hands. She gave Godwin to the nanny and went to find Cary to settle accounts with.

"Thump! Thump! Thump!" as soon as Yvonne went upstairs, she lifted the quilt off Cary and was about to yell at him, but before she could say anything, her face flushed suspiciously. She froze there.

Cary turned over with one hand supporting his head. With a touch of temptation in his eyes, he asked, "What's wrong? Are you satisfied with my figure?"

Cary was sleeping naked, so Yvonne had seen everything. Just now, he used to have a quilt as a cover, but now he was totally exposed in front of her.

Yvonne's heart skipped a beat when hearing Cary's seductive question. She swallowed silently, turned her head to look away, coughed a few times, and threw the quilt back on him.

"Ahem, it's so late. Get up quickly. Jack and Susan are downstairs. You are still disheveled. Where is your manner?"

Cary's eyes darkened. Looking at Yvonne's neck, which was long and silk-smooth, he exerted force on his hand and Yvonne fell into his arms. The breath of the two love birds intertwined.

With great strength, Yvonne put her slender fingers against Cary's chest to resist his approach. The blush on her face spread to her neck.

The marks on her neck were more obvious, like blossoming flowers, very attractive. This made Cary want to have more from her.

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