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   Chapter 386 Someone Else Was Returning to Tema City

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 7158

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After taking care of the family affairs, Jack drove Susan home at the strong request of his mother. The two sat in the car in silence.

Jack could see his parents were in a good mood today, thanks to Susan's help. If he was the only one who went home alone, then this matter would not be ended so easily.

"Sue... Thank you for your help this time. My parents were so happy today. If I came back alone, things might get worse."

Susan truly wanted to make Jack and his family happy, so she felt a bit unhappy about Jack's words. "I really want to make your parents happy, and they are also good to me, so naturally I'm good to them. You are taking me as an outsider if you said that."

Looking at the traffic light in front of him, Jack stopped the car and waited for the green light to come on. He tapped the steering wheel gently with his fingers. It was twelve today of this month. Cary and Yvonne's wedding would be held in a few days. It seemed that it was time to prepare.

"By the way, Sue, our bridesmaid and groomsmen's wear are also arrived. Let's go to Cary's house to get some clothes tomorrow and try if there is anything that needs to be adjusted."

Considering that it would be Sunday the next day, Susan didn't need to send Aron to school. "Okay. Come to my house and pick me up tomorrow morning. My car was broken and it was sent to repair nowadays."

"Sure. The same time today then."

The two made up their minds. When Susan arrived home, Jack also drove home. He called Cary and told him the good news.

"Cary, I have a good news for you. I went back home today. We had forgotten each other. Now our family is reunited. Aren't you feeling happy for me?"

On the other side of the phone, Cary said calmly, "Well, it's a good thing."

Jack was unhappy right away. Why did Cary take it easy as if he had already known it? Jack had wanted to give him a surprise, but it turned out to be useless.

"Hey, don't you feel any surprise or disbelief? Don't you think it's amazing that I got it done so soon?"

"I want to tell you that you are amazing, but my conscience doesn't allow me to do so. The truth is t

Since it was their wedding, how could she not attend it? How could she not give them a big gift? If not, how could she repay the "cares" from them?

Janetta made an international phone call. "Uncle Brant, it's been a long time. You can come back now. I have arranged everything here. You can rest assured."

"Janetta, have you done with your father's matter? I'm worried that someone might know that we're back to Tema City. How are you doing recently?"

"Well, I'm pretty fine. I have finished my father's funeral. I'm staying in the place where we have found before. Nobody would know we are back."

"You must be careful of Cary and his buddies. Don't fight them head on. You will suffer losses in the future."

"Don't worry. Now I have found a backer. We don't have to be afraid of Cary and his men. Don't worry about anything. Now I have changed my identity. My previous weakness is no longer a threat. Don't worry, Uncle Brant."

"Well, that's good. I don't care what you do, but I will listen to your father's will and take good care of you."

"I will book the ticket of the flight for you tomorrow. There is something you must take with you and keep it well, which is..."

"Okay, I will take it with me."

"Well, I'll pick you up from the airport when you've arrived then."

A weird smile appeared on Janetta's face. 'Yvonne Qin, you have only a few days to live comfortably. Enjoy this last moment.'

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