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   Chapter 385 Return of Their Son (II)

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Before Crane entered the house, he heard the laughter of Madelyn. He felt strange as hadn't heard such laughter from his mother for many years.

Jack, that idiot, wouldn't have such an effect. Did Jack really take Susan home? He just said it casually. He didn't expect that Jack really took his suggestions seriously. Crane smiled bitterly. That was really hitting the mark by a fluke.

Crane happily pushed the door open. He thought he would receive a warm welcome, but no one turned back to greet him, and even the careful Beth did not notice him.

Crane was speechless. His family was so unfair. Even that their youngest son was back, they shouldn't ignore the elder one. Crane felt sad, heartbreaking, and wanted to cry.

"Ahem. Ahem. Ahem." Crane coughed a few times, trying to attract their attention, but the crowd heard his coughs and only glanced at him a few times. Then they continued with their chitchat.

Crane could do nothing but roll his eyes. 'What are you guys doing? By the way, won't your conscience hurt?'

Just when Crane was thinking whether he should leave first or not, Beth seemed to finally see him and asked in surprise, "Hey, Mr. Crane, when did you come back? I didn't even see you!"

Crane's heart, which had been comforted, began to ache again, as if it was stabbed by a knife. 'Beth, it turns out that you are not here to help me out. You are here to stab me!'

Crane, who felt his heart was bleeding, came back to life tenaciously with his weak vitality just as strong as a cockroach.

"Beth, what are we having today?"

The conversation on the other end of the line came to an end. Looking at the figure in front of her, with her eyes wide open, Susan asked, "You... Aren't you the one in the hospital last time?"

Crane raised his eyebrows with satisfaction. Finally, someone was surprised at his appearance. He stretched out his hand and said, "Yes, I am the doctor in the hospital last time. I am also Jack's brother, Crane Chen. Miss Susan, long time no see."

Susan wanted to shake hands with him politely, but the next moment, the hand that appeared in front of her disappeared.

Crane felt the strength on his hand all of a sudden. He felt so painful that he almost burst into tears, but he still had to keep his manner on the face. 'Jack, Susan hasn't married you yet but now you

out of the house by him, looked embarrassed. He coughed a few times and said, "You're back home?"

Jack lowered his head and thought for a long time before he heard a voice, "Yes, I am."

"Have you suffered a lot in the past few years?"

"I'm doing OK. Everything is passed. Now I'm doing fine."


Crane sat aside, listening to their questions and answers. He wondered if he should be as rational as Susan who has already retreated to the kitchen. The current situation made him look as if he was an extra person to his father and his younger brother. Fortunately, the conversation ended in the next moment.

"Well, it's good that you're back."

Not long after, the dinner was ready. The three cooks were much more efficient. The table was full of delicious food, but Crane found that there were all Jack's favorite dishes.

Crane said in a wronged tone, "Why isn't there my favorite sweet and sour fish? They are all Jack's favorite food."

Susan flushed. She stammered, "I only know what Jack likes to eat. I don't know... What do you like to eat, Crane? How about I make another one for you now?"

Crane was very pleased hear what Susan said. He gave Jack a defiant look, indicating him to learn from Susan how to behave well to his older brother.

"Well, I'm not a picky eater. Let's eat."

The family began to have a family reunion lunch which they hadn't had for a long time. Although it was not a holiday, the joy of family reunion was undisguised, and even the wind was a little gentle. It was indeed another wonderful day.

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