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   Chapter 384 Return of Their Son (I)

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Only when Jack felt the touch of Susan's hand that he was pulled back from his memories long time ago.

Susan took a look at Jack nervously. "Jack, are you okay?"

Jack smiled to reassure her that he was fine.

With a squeak, the door was opened. It was still the same as before. Beth stood there, tears streaming down her face, and her wrinkled hand covered her mouth. Looking at the person who would not appear in front of her again, she choked with sobs. "Mr. Jack... You are finally back."

Beth hurriedly opened the door, smiling with tears, "Well, Mr. Jack... Come on in please. Mr. Johan and Mrs. Madelyn..." She hesitated and didn't finish her words.

Beth sighed slightly. All people involved in the incident back then were deeply hurt by what happened in the past. Now there was finally a final result. Fortunately, she could see it when she was alive. She had thought that Mr. Jack would never return home all his life.

Jack felt a little sad. The feelings buried in the bottom of his heart in the past few years were finally able to see the sunshine that he hadn't seen for a long time today.

Step by step, Jack crossed the stairs and threshold, as if he had crossed time, recalling the past, and back to the time when he was still an impulsive young man.

He looked around and found that everything was still the same as before. Everything seemed to be waiting for him to come back.

A low and weak voice sounded in the living room, "Beth, is there a guest coming? Why didn't I hear anything for such a long while?"

Then another familiar voice appeared, "Old man, slow down. Your waist has just got better. Don't walk so fast. It may relapse later."

Jack's eyes turned red, and the muscles on his face were trembling, but he didn't let his tears fall. Five years had passed, and he heard the familiar voices again, the voices that accompanied him to tell stories and sing songs for him when he as little...

As soon as the voice finished speaking, Madelyn and Johan appeared in front of Jack together.

They no longer had black hair as they remember

was true. If it was true, she would be really happy. "Good day, auntie, uncle. My name is Susan Su. Please call me Sue. That would be fine."

"Hello, Sue. Welcome."

Johan and Madelyn repeated this name in their hearts for several times, Sue, Sue, Sue... They both looked up at Jack, hoping that it their son should not let this girl down.

Jack was confused by their gaze. What happened? What were they looking at him like this?

With a smile on her face, Madelyn held Susan's hand kindly and said, "Sue, come and sit here with me. Don't be restrained, just make yourself home. If Jack bullies you, tell me and I'll teach him a lesson for you!"

Hearing that, Susan had a good impression of Madelyn. With a bright smile on her face, she said, "Auntie, Jack never bullies me at all. He even helped me a lot in every way. I'm always grateful for him!"

The more Madelyn looked at Susan, the more she liked this young girl. She felt that Jack's taste was finally satisfied. Without the carefulness of the other girl used to have, Susan looked like a well-educated daughter from a rich family. Madelyn had made up her mind to make Sue her daughter-in-law.

Having known their tempers for the time being, Susan didn't feel restrained anymore. She happily told some jokes of Jack, which made Madelyn laugh. Even Johan, who had an indifferent face, had a flaw on his face to smile.

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