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   Chapter 355 Win-win Situation

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 10876

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Seeing Cary's face, Louis swallowed his saliva and continued, "You know, only if you have more strength in your hands can you better protect the people you want to protect, and also let those who hurt others get their punishments."

Cary sneered. He never doubted that if he agreed, he could have more strength and expand her force.

However, the Zhang family's decision was definitely not just for the sake of other people. They must have some requirements for the person who would take over the dark area. It wouldn't be as simple as what Louis said.

Cary said calmly, "Tell me. If I agreed, what would be your requirements? What would you want me to do?"

If he could, Louis would want to wipe the cold sweat on his forehead. 'How unlucky I am to do such a thing! If I had known I would face this kind of situation, I would have stayed in the army like my elder brother and didn't care about anything. How comfortable it would be!'

Anyway, it was too late for Louis to regret. He said in an unspeakable soft tone, "Well, that's to say, all the accounts in the future have to be checked by the Zhang family."

Louis roared in his heart. 'Even I think it's too much to do so. Would Cary Su agree?'

Now Cary really saw through the Zhang family's intention. It seemed that the Zhang family had a big appetite.

If he agreed to this strange request from them, he would not only be controlled by the Zhang family and be their puppet in the future, but also take responsibility when there was something wrong. As for the Zhang family, it would not be stained with dust. Nothing would happen to them at all. Instead, it would control the whole Tema City and consolidate its position there.

'Ha ha, do you really think I'm that stupid to be controlled by the Zhang family?'

With a mocking smile, Cary looked at Louis indifferently and said, "Do you think I will agree to your request?"

Of course, Louis knew that Cary wouldn't agree easily, but he had promised Murdock that he wouldn't go back until he saw Cary nod to agree on their plan. Even if Cary was forced, Cary must agree on their plan. Hence, Louis immediately started to thinking of his new strategy.

Right then, Cary lowered his head and took a look at his phone. It was a message from Yvonne, with a big pig head as the emoji. "It's time to get off work. Houston and others have left. I'm in the lounge in your office. After you finish talking, come to me!"

Cary's eyes suddenly softened, not as aggressive as they were before.

Louis looked puzzled. Cary's face and aura showed him a fierce winter just now, and suddenly Louis felt like he was in spring already.

"Okay," replied Cary on the phone and texted her back.

Looking at the anxious Louis, Cary said slowly, "I can agree if you want, but..." Louis saw the hope, so he looked at him expectantly.

"Whenever I would show you the account details and whatever details to show you, it will all rely on my decision. Besides, when I need your help, you must offer it to me without any hesitation. If you want to deal with me or do something that makes me unhappy, well, excuse me, I have to leave at any time. What do you say?"

Louis was stunned. 'Was this too much as well?' If they agreed, it meant that

Alexandra also wanted to help Cary. "Grandpa, I think Mr. Cary's request is reasonable. After all, he can completely ignore this matter and our request. I'm sure he could do it by himself if he wishes to. Now he has to take care of it under our request, he must have some guarantee from us, which is not too much."

Terry nodded in agreement. Murdock was completely annoyed. "What do you know, Alexandra?"

Terry suddenly raised his voice, "If she doesn't know it, then I don't know either? It's our fault at first. We should have suffered losses. Who wants you to make such a request to Mr. Cary? That's all! This is decided. No one is allowed to say anything more! Let's eat!"

Murdock's face turned blue as if he had eaten crap.

Louis was very relaxed and he looked quite happy. Now he had no scruples and could enjoy the delicious food at ease!

There was a weird atmosphere at the dinner of the Zhang family in that evening. Everyone had their own thoughts about what they had said, but only Terry enjoyed the food very much. His appetite was not so good before, and he didn't have to worry about anything.

With a livid face, Murdock mechanically picked up a full bowl of rice in front of him and put it into his mouth with the bamboo chopsticks. He had no appetite at all, so he had no idea about the taste of food that he stuffed in his mouth.

His careful plan was easily destroyed by his silly son and daughter, and they had the support of his father Terry/ Moreover, he did not have the courage to teach them a lesson because of Terry's backup. 'Alas, what mistake did I make in my previous life? That's why I have these two unfilial children now in this life of mine!'

According to his original plan, if Cary agreed to his requests, the Zhang family would have planted an informer in the dark force of the city. With this umbrella, the Zhang family would be controlling the whole Tema City, which was beneficial to the Zhang family's future. However, Murdock totally ignored that Cary was a smart businessman. Things that he could think of would also be realized by Cary easily. It wouldn't be so easy for Cary to agree on his original plan.

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