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   Chapter 354 Tit for Tat

Adoration Beyond Compare By Chang Du Characters: 7789

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As if escaping, Yvonne left this troublesome place. But there was still a low pressure surrounding this place, which pressed everyone's heart and lingered.

The expression on Cary's face was not as obvious as before which was hard to tell, but from the feeling of the people around him, it could be seen that Cary was in a very bad mood now. He even wanted to kill Louis in the lobby. How dare he touched his woman with his presence!

With the power of the Zhang family and his own information network, Cary didn't believe that Louis wouldn't know who Yvonne was. It was impossible for Louis to not know that Yvonne was the mother of Cary's son, his wife.

Hence, to Cary, he believed that Louis had done it on purpose to test his bottom line, which was to kill two birds with one stone. 'Well, it's time to congratulate Louis. You stepped on my sore spot in such a short time, which has exceeded my limit of tolerance. Now I won't do anything on you as it's just not the right time yet, but I'll definitely revenge for what you've just done on Yvonne.'

When everyone was trembling with fears, Cary slowly raised a charming smile and said, "Mr. Louis, this way please. We'll talk about it upstairs."

Louis finally turned his eyes from the direction where Yvonne had left. His infatuation with Yvonne's hands hadn't been completely solved yet. He looked at Cary with a little dullness and said, "Ha? Oh! Okay, okay, let's go!"

As Louis walked following Cary, his right hand was still gently twirling, as if he was recalling the feeling of touching Yvonne's hand. How could Cary not notice this?

Cary's eyes darkened, looking creepy.

Following them, Houston looked at Louis with disgust. How hungry and thirsty this man was! He even acted like this after just holding Yvonne's hand, but... If Houston himself held the hand of Yvonne's hand instead, it would be the same, wouldn't it? After all, Yvonne's hand was so...

Houston shook his head and expelled those thoughts of flirtation from his mind. He glared at Louis back with hatred, trying to burn a hole in his back. At this moment, he should be stand on the same side as Cary did.

Louis and Cary sat opposite to each other. There were only they two in the large conference room now. The atmosphere between them was a little weird, and their eyes were lookin

that I would agree to such a thing. It's not good for me at all. I never do a business at a loss."

Louis knew it would turn to be like this. When his father said this to him, he felt that how could Cary agree to such a unreasonable request. Even Louis himself felt that this request was very unreasonable, let alone Cary, the business tycoon in Tema City.

Moreover, Cary was one of the best businessmen in the industry. He had a clear background, so why would he turn his life into black?

Louis thought about it again. If he failed, he would be severely criticized by Murdock. What a horrible scene! He couldn't help but shiver.

'Forget it. I have thought about it for so long, but I still can't find the right person to take this position. My father has experienced so much more than me. I think this decision must have been carefully considered. Forget it, that's it! I'll try my best to persuade Cary Su!'

Louis plucked up his courage again and tried to continue persuading Cary, "In Tema City, although it seems that Chase Zhou monopolizes the black zone, you are actually involved in it, aren't you? It's just that your contact is too small for others to notice."

Seeing that there was a flaw in Cary's facial expression, Louis quickly seized the opportunity and chased after him. "For what had happened to Miss Yvonne Qin, I know that you had arranged a lot of people around her, right? But how did it go? Something still happened under the watch of the guards you arranged."

Hearing that, Cary's face became more frightening.

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