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   Chapter 262 Keep The Secret

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Fred was dumbfounded, he didn't expect that Bess would do this to him. He looked at Bess, who was sitting on the ground and crying louder and louder like a child. It seemed that she wouldn't get up if he didn't agree.

"You are not a child anymore. You can't be so unreasonable. Bess, I'm not against your performance in the hospital. But I, I'm not ready yet. Please don't force me, okay? " Fred rubbed his forehead with one hand, trying to make Bess give up the idea of forcing him to the hospital.

"No, I don't care. Since you have promised to help me, you must do it. But if you don't agree, I won't leave here. " Bess rubbed her eyes and pretended to be very sad. This afternoon, she saw the arrogant Tom and the other guys, who had seen that she and Adele were crying and became at a loss, she thought it was more effective to deal with their men in this way. Therefore, she had to force Fred to give up on refusing.

Seeing that Bess covered her face with her hand and cried more and more sadly, Fred's mind was in a mess. In a hurry, he blurted out, "Okay, I promise you. That's all right. Don't cry. Don't cry. "

After saying this, even he himself was shocked, he did not expect that he would really agree. However, since he had said it, it was impossible for him to go back on his words.

"That's what you said. You can't break your promise." Hearing that Fred finally let go of it, Bess grinned and immediately sat up from the ground.

There was no trace of pain on Bess's face, Fred was so angry and found he was cheated by her. "Well, you are pretending."

Looking at Fred's distressed face, Bess laughed even more happily. "Ha ha, I don't care about it, you've promised me, after all. Anyway, you have promised me. As a man, you can't break your promise. "

She looked at Fred,


"Humph, look at you. You are so proud." Unwilling to give up, Tom took a step back and asked Adele, "Hey, do you know?"

Hearing Tom's question, Paul and David also came over and looked at Adele curiously. "When Bess came back last night, did she say anything to you?"

Adele shook her head helplessly. "Don't ask me. I don't know either."

"How could it be possible? You and she are so good. Don't you know that?" Of course, they couldn't believe Adele's words.

"Well, I really don't know. When Bess came back yesterday, she was very happy, then she told me that she finally convinced Fred. When I keep asking her, she will say that she is tired and then fell asleep. " Adele was telling the truth, she was also shocked when Bess told her the news yesterday. When she was about to ask more, Bess had fallen asleep.

Seeing that he couldn't get the answer, Tom scratched his head helplessly. At this time, Fred turned around, looked at the crowd and said, "Go ahead." then he entered the hall first.

"Okay." Everyone agreed and followed him in. The hospital didn't change after he left for so many years. Fred took the elevator to the top floor and headed for the dean's office.

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