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   Chapter 259 Keep Everything Simple

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 6316

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"That's exactly why I feel that we need to go to the hospital for a performance. In the past, like you, I thought it was good for him not to touch his pain. But now when I see what Fred looks like today, I realize that I'm wrong. It's because we always protect Fred that he can't walk out of the shadow of the past and face the real himself. So this time, for the sake of those patients who are suffering, and for the sake of Fred, we must finish this performance. " Bess knew that only by making Fred face the pain directly could he finally defeat it.

What Bess said aroused everyone's deep thought. Tom and others pondered over her words, the more they thought about it, the more they felt what she said was reasonable. Although they all respected Fred and thought it would be the best for them not to mention the past of him. Now they realized that what they had done might indirectly connive at Fred's escape, and he had been addicted to the past and could not walk out, which made him give up his pursuit of the future.

Fred went back to his room in the hotel dejectedly, he came to the bedside and fell down feebly, giving all his strength to the bed to support. Lying on the bed, Fred couldn't calm down for a moment.

The dust laden past was forcefully uncovered by Bess without any precaution. After a moment of trance, a dull pain followed, tearing the nerves of Fred inch by inch.

For so many years, Fred didn't dare to touch that scar, he used a decadent and numb attitude to cover up his inner fragility and self-blame. But today, under the harsh questioning of Bess, his disguise was instantly torn to pieces.

His helplessness and guilt were exposed to the dazzling light without warning, which made him panic and fear. The severe pain made him lose control in an instant, and that was why he did that violent behavior to Bess. Once upon a time, he almost couldn't co

eren't for the smooth progress of their performances, she wouldn't have swallowed the insult and humiliation.

"Well, don't think that I have forgiven you. I'm here for the performances. " Bess said awkwardly, "We can't delay our performances for the fight between the two of us, right?"

Fred frowned when he heard Bess mention the performance. Now he really didn't have the confidence to continue with the band, so he began to hesitate.

Fred remained silent for a long time, and the room fell into silence again. Bess had always been careless, but this time she keenly saw the hesitation on Fred's face.

"Hey, are you going to give up?" Bess clenched her fists and looked at Fred nervously with her eyes wide open, she was afraid that her guess was right.

Fred closed his eyes helplessly and said, "Bess, I apologize for what I did this afternoon. But as you can see, I really have no strength now. I feel very tired, really tired. "

"Enough! Stop!" Seeing the depressed look on Fred's face, Bess interrupted him angrily, "You should know that what I want is not your apology, but your courage. Are you really so useless that you don't even have the courage to face the past? How long do you plan to hide? 10 years, 20 years or a lifetime? "

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