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   Chapter 258 A Fierce Quarrel

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 5995

Updated: 2020-07-21 00:02

Somehow, when Fred saw the tears on Bess's face, he felt a sting in his heart. He had thought that the pain was extreme, but his numb heart still ached again.

Fred sighed in his heart, thinking that he really owed this woman in his previous life. Only in this way could he be so entangled with her all his life. The relationship between them was still in a mess.

He supported himself with his knees and stood up tiredly, then he walked to Bess and Adele and said in a low voice, "I'm sorry."

Bess, who was crying, glanced at Fred and ignored him. Fred sighed awkwardly and walked out. Bess had been waiting for Fred to apologize to her, but she didn't expect him to leave so soon. She was so angry that she cried even harder.

In fact, Bess didn't expect that Fred would react so strongly and just felt a little bit wronged. She understood the pain of Fred, so she wasn't really angry with him. At that time, she was so excited to fight against Fred just in order to let him face it and not escape anymore.

Tom had planned to ask Fred to apologize so that the two women wouldn't cry anymore. But to his surprise, instead of helping them, Fred made the two women cry even harder.

"Hey, stop crying." Standing aside, Tom was worried. Looking at Adele's tearful face, he felt his heart was in a mess. What a bad luck! There was nothing wrong with himself before, but now he was also upset here and didn't know what to do.

David walked over and pulled Tom aside, who was in a hurry, and whispered in his ear, "Hey, don't make trouble. When a woman is crying, it's useless to say anything. Just wait and see. They will be tired after crying. "

Tom frowned and looked at David in disbelief. "Are you telling the truth?"

With a confident look on his face, David patted Tom's shou

ey have to give up halfway because of today's unhappy episode?

Although Bess had a quarrel with Fred because of her idea of giving a performance in the hospital. But she still didn't think Fred was an irresponsible man. She didn't know why she was so confident. "No, he won't. don't worry. He won't leave."

"But, if we want to continue the performance, is it better to choose another place?" David looked at Bess's face carefully and said. After reading the situation of Bess and Fred today, for the sake of safety, it was better not to mention the performance in the hospital.

"No, we can't change the place. It's a very meaningful thing to perform in the hospital. Why should we give up? " Hearing David's words, Bess became unyielding again, she stood up and said firmly.

After thinking for a while, Tom folded his arms and said, "I admit that it's meaningful to perform in the hospital. But, Bess, you have seen what Fred looks like today. Are you really sure you can convince him? Besides, you know what happened to Fred before. His girlfriend died on the operating table, Fred even gave up being a doctor because of this. I really don't want him to face the pain of the past. "

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