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   Chapter 256 You Are A Coward

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Hearing that Sampson mentioned the past again, Rae's face darkened, she interrupted him abruptly, "Uncle Sampson, you are here today just to catch up on the old days with me? If that's the case, I'm sorry, I'm too busy to accompany you. "

"Rae, let bygones be bygones. Since you don't want to mention it, then I won't talk about that." Seeing that Rae didn't show any respect to him, Sampson pulled a long face. He looked up at Rae and continued, "Then let's talk about the rumor. As a shareholder of the company, I think I still have the right to know the truth."

Seeing that Sampson turned his face faster than turning a book, he was smiling just now, but now he was blaming her. However, Rae was not a coward. Seeing that Sampson was about to question her, the expression on Rae's face also darkened. She said coldly, "Uncle Sampson, what do you mean? Do you suspect that I have embezzled the company's money? Anyway, I'm the chairman of the Lin Group now, you have to take responsibility for what you said. "

Seeing that Rae put on airs as the chairman of the board and tried to suppress him, Sampson smiled indifferently and said, "Rae, I'm a shareholder of the company anyway. Even if you don't want to save my face, you have to respect the board, right? Otherwise, if anything happens, everyone will be embarrassed. "

She knew that this old fox wanted to stir up trouble and pull her down from the position of chairman. Rae was so arrogant that she had never taken Sampson seriously, however, when she heard him mention the board of directors, she was inevitably a little afraid.

"Well, Uncle Sampson, look at what you said. You have watched me grow up, how could you have the heart to be against me? Besides, as the chairman of the Lin Group, I won't do anything harmful to it. If you really don't believe me, you can come to check

ele and the others, hoping to get more support.

However, she didn't expect that the band's members all lowered their heads and didn't agree with her at all. Feeling embarrassed, Bess winked at Adele and whispered, "Hey, why don't you speak for me?"

Seeing that Bess kept winking at her, Adele had to bite the bullet and said, "Yes, Fred, what Bess said makes sense. How about we ask the hospital first?"

"What do you think? Tom?" Adele poked Tom who was sitting next to her and wanted him to stand out and say something.

Tom raised his head and looked at Fred, he seemed to want to say something to Fred, but in the end, he didn't say anything. He turned around and whispered to Adele, "You don't know what happened to Fred before? He hates hospitals the most. In the past, even if he was sick, he didn't dare to go to the hospital. He could just buy some medicine by himself. Well, you don't have to think of it. No matter where we're going to perform, it's the same, isn't it? "

Although Tom said in a low voice, Bess still heard him. 'Oh, it turns out that Fred is so afraid of going to the hospital again because of the painful past. He even said that the patient needed to rest quietly, which was just an excuse.

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