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   Chapter 252 Breaking Up

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 5885

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"You... You unfilial daughter..." Ronald was so angry at Rae that he coughed violently. "I have raised you up. Is this how you talk to me?"

Seeing the quarrel between the father and the daughter again, Rae's mom quickly persuaded, "Rae, don't say too much. Your father just said that for the sake of you, because he was worried about you. "

"No need." Rae turned around and was about to leave. In her heart, she still couldn't forgive Ronald for breaking her up with Cary and ruthlessly kicking her out of the house.

"Wait a minute. I have something else to say." It took Ronald a long time to calm down, he stopped Rae who was about to leave and said, "How are you going to solve the company's financial problem? Do you think the board of directors are easy to deal with and can be kept by you in the dark forever? "

Ronald's question rendered Rae speechless. She also felt that it was difficult and didn't know how to deal with the current predicament. She couldn't hide the fact that she had lost money for a long time. At that time, if the board of directors used this matter to attack her together, she would definitely lose the position of chairman. At the thought of this, Rae felt scared, she would rather die than live a life without everything she had before.

Looking at the helpless look of Rae, Ronald sighed and said earnestly, "I can help you solve the current predicament, but you have to promise me one thing. From now on, you could no longer cause trouble to Cary and Yvonne. After what happened this time, you should know that you are no match for these two people at all. Alas, you'd better let bygones be bygones. You are also a mother. Even if you don't think for yourself, you should think for Bella. "

"What can you do?" Rae

he young Bella, he really regretted breaking up his daughter and Cary's relationship because he disliked the poor and loved the rich.

Looking at the gloomy face of Rae staring at her tightly, Bella felt very scared. She curled her small mouth, and tears fell down into the milk cup in her hand.

"It's so annoying. You cry all day long. Are you done with it?" Seeing that Bella was frightened to cry, instead of feeling guilty, Rae shook off her hand irritably.

Unexpectedly, Rae knocked over the milk cup in Bella's hand. The milk sprayed out in an instant, and some of it even splashed on the business card in her hand. Looking at the business card that was wet by the milk, Rae was furious, she slapped Bella in the face and scolded, "You naughty child, you are deliberately against me, aren't you? I shouldn't have given birth to you. "

Bella cried out loud, "I want Daddy, I want Daddy..."

Hearing Bella's cry, Jane ran downstairs in a hurry. She saw pieces of glass and milk all over the ground, Bella was crying loudly. On her young face, there was a red palm print, while Rae was angrily smashing the water stains on the business card given by Ronald.

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