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   Chapter 251 Had To Stop

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"Ms. Yvonne, it's not a small problem. Why don't you worry about it at all? Now we have used up all our working capital, though it's okay in a short time, if anything happens to the company in the future, there will be problems in our capital turnover. " Looking at the indifferent look on Yvonne's face, Meade stood up and reminded her anxiously.

Yvonne nodded and said indifferently, "I know all these, but Meade. I still think the long-term development is more important than the current predicament. When our stock price goes up, the money we put in now will go up several times. This is definitely a worthwhile business. "

"But how do you explain it to the board of directors?" Meade agreed with Yvonne's words. But he didn't know if the board members would agree with her. Because Yvonne had promised not to make a decision on the company's affairs without authorization. Now that she had done such a big thing, Meade couldn't help but worry about her, he didn't know if the board of directors would make things difficult for her.

After a short silence, Yvonne seemed to be thinking about Meade's words. However, after a while, she raised her head and said firmly, "Even if the board of directors oppose me, I have to do so. And I believe that if they really do it for the sake of the Su Group, they will definitely agree with me."

In the end, Yvonne's efforts were not in vain. After going through a raising limit board, the stock of the Su Group had kept rising at an astonishing speed for several days, and the market had great expectations of the Su Group. If it went on like this, not only did the crisis the Su Group was facing now be solved, but also more development opportunities would be ushered in.

On the other side of the board, they were surprised and surprised to see the result that Yvonne had made. They didn't expect that Yvonne, whom they didn't think highly of before, had a talent for business management. Originally, the board of directors only planned to let Yvonne just be an acting CEO, in order to st

ae walked into Ronald's ward, she saw her father raise his eyebrows and point at her, cursing, "What did you do? Did you hurt others? You can't even defeat a little girl, but you've fallen into a big trouble! Didn't you promise me last time that you would take care of the Lin Group? Now show me, is this how you manage the Lin Group? "

Rae knew that it must be Ronald's spy in the company who told him everything, so he called her to reprimand her impatiently. However, at this time, Rae couldn't say anything. After all, she had underestimated Yvonne and made a wrong decision, which caused the Lin Group to suffer such a big loss.

Looking at his daughter's pale face, who was biting her lips and stubbornly standing aside, Ronald sighed and shook his head, "Alas, it's really a sin. Why do I have such a daughter in my life? If it weren't for the fact that you are the only child of the Lin Family and I am like this now, how could I give the Lin Group to you? "

"Well, you are really good at saying that. Since I was a child, you have never treated me as your own daughter. Don't forget that it was you who kicked me out of the house and made me suffer outside for six years. " Rae snorted and said angrily, "Since you are so worried about leaving the Lin Group to me and have people monitor my every move, you'd better take it back. I don't care."

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