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   Chapter 248 Clarify The Rumor

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In this way, every half an hour, Yvonne asked the members of the group to buy the shares of the Su Group in batches. Soon, it was the closing time at noon.

After a summary, Calvin reported the capital situation of each member's account to Yvonne, "Ms. Yvonne, up to now, our capital has fallen by eighty percent, and the stock price has only been raised to 30% higher than the limit price. If it goes on like this, it's still difficult for us to get out of the current predicament. Besides, the Lin Group has taken actions. I'm afraid that all our previous efforts will be in vain. "

It only took one morning to get so much money. How could Yvonne not worry about it? However, there was no turning back for the time being, only when they went on courageously would they have hope.

After this morning's competition, Yvonne had already sensed what was going on with Rae. If it weren't for the fact that they had been putting obstacles in their way and had been trying their best to suppress the stock price when she had been increasing it, she wouldn't have used so much money, but it had no obvious effect. If she was right, the Lin Group should be gathering to fight back against the Su Group.

It seemed that it was time for her to take action. Looking at the worried Calvin, Yvonne said calmly, "Calvin, go to see Meade. How is everything going?"

Calvin agreed and stood up to look for Meade. Before he reached the door, Meade had knocked on the door and come in. "Ms. Yvonne, the press conference is ready. We are waiting for you."

In fact, Meade had already arranged everything. He knew that Yvonne was actively answering the battle, so he didn't dare to disturb her and waited at the door all the time. Now that the battle had finally come to an end, he knocked on the door and reported.

Yvonne nodded and motioned for Meade to wait aside. Then she looked at her watch and stood up. "Thank you, everyone. It was alread

Hello, everyone. I'm Yvonne. I know that there are many rumors that are against the Su Group recently. I come here to clarify these rumors and give the Su Group justice. If you have any questions, please ask me. I will try my best to satisfy you. " Said to the reporter with a smile, Yvonne tried to make herself look more skilled.

Hearing that, the atmosphere under the stage was even more boiling, the reporters raised their hands and asked Yvonne. Looking at a female reporter in a white suit, Yvonne smiled at her and said, "Miss, please ask."

The reporter stood up in a hurry, picked up the microphone, and smiled politely at Yvonne. She came straight to the point and asked, "Miss Yvonne, is the news about Mr. Cary's injury and life unknown true? As Mr. Cary's fiancee, did you take over the position of acting CEO because you were ordered to do so? "

"Thank you for your question. In fact, the main purpose I'm here is to clarify this matter. What I want to tell you is that Mr. Cary has always been very good, he is now expanding our company overseas. As the acting CEO, I just helped Mr. Cary manage the company temporarily when he was abroad. " Although Yvonne knew it was not right to lie, under the current situation, only in this way could she stabilize people's mind.

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