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   Chapter 246 Being Treated As A Substitute

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 5955

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Ellie also let go of her completely, she couldn't think of anything in her mind, and her actions had been far away from her sanity. She indulged herself in kissing Jay back, letting him indulge her in the surging desire.

The night went crazy until dawn. When the sun outside the window shone into the room through the curtain, Ellie woke up first. She opened her eyes and looked at Jay, who was still sleeping beside her. She was happy while also depressed. What delighted her was that she finally got her wish to be with the person she liked, what depressed her was that from beginning to end, this man just treated her as Yvonne. She really didn't know how he would react when he found that the person with him last night was her.

With mixed feelings, Ellie stared at Jay's sleeping face and thought helplessly that she was destined to be humble in front of this man. Humble. She would rather be a substitute for another woman.

"Yes, what can a woman like me, who has experienced so many vicissitudes of life, expect?" Thinking of her terrible experience, Ellie smiled bitterly.

Just as Ellie was about to get up and leave quietly, Jay, who was beside her, frowned, slowly opened his eyes and woke up. Ellie didn't expect that Jay would suddenly wake up, she was stunned and stared at him nervously.

Perhaps because Jay drank too much last night, he sat up groaning, touching his aching forehead. After a while, he found that his body under the sheet was naked, then he saw Ellie lying beside him, who was also naked.

"Oh my God! What did I do?" Jay cried out in chagrin. Looking at the silent and red faced Ellie, Jay apologized incoherently, "Ellie, I... I..."

"You don't have to explain. We drank too much last night. Don't mind. I won't ask you to take any re

it's inevitable for us to compete with Lin Group. Facing her fierce attack, we can't be beaten passively anymore. Meade, I want you to gather all the working capital of the company. And arrange a press conference for me right now. I'll attend it tomorrow. By the way, Calvin, I need you to help me set up a special group against the Lin Group's attack on the stock price of our company. " Yvonne ordered the two men decisively.

Meade and Calvin knew that the situation was urgent and couldn't be delayed, so they nodded and immediately went out to prepare. Sitting on the chair and looking affectionately at the photo of Cary on the table, Yvonne muttered to herself, 'Cary, believe me.' This time, I will try my best to help you keep the Su Group.

That night, Yvonne stayed in the company and thought hard about how to defeat the enemy and reverse the loss. On the early morning of the second day, Yvonne simply washed herself in Cary's lounge and sat by the computer on time, waiting for the stock market to open.

"Knock, knock, knock." Hearing a knock on the office door, Yvonne raised her head in surprise since it was not yet the time to work, she said, "Come in, please."

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