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   Chapter 240 A Tough Battle

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 6146

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Originally, it was enough to be sighed that an unknown employee like Yvonne suddenly jumped out and said that she was Cary's fiancee. Now, from what Yvonne said, the Su Group was going to face an unprecedented crisis, which inevitably made people feel that it was sensational and unrealistic.

At this time, all the directors present couldn't hold themselves back, but most of them didn't believe what Yvonne said and thought that she was exaggerating. A man who was about 50 years old stood up and pointed at Yvonne rudely. "Well, Miss Yvonne, right? To be honest, we haven't seen you before. You suddenly said that you are Mr. Cary's fiancee. Well, even if we believe you. You came out again and said that the Su Group was in danger, everyone can see that the Su Group is fine now, it's not as serious as you said. To put it bluntly, Miss Yvonne, a young girl like you doesn't have the right to tell us what to do. "

The man's words seemed to get the approval of the other directors present. Everyone echoed, "Yes, yes. Where is Mr. Cary? Why doesn't he come out here?" Let a little girl mess around here?"

Seeing that everyone didn't believe in Yvonne, Meade stood out and coughed, indicating everyone to be quiet. "Hello, everyone. I'm Meade. I believe you all know me. I can prove that what Miss Yvonne said is true. Please believe her. "

"No, no. It's not up to you. Let Mr. Cary come." Those directors were all senior officials, normally, only Cary could suppress them. Now that Cary was not here, they didn't take Meade and Yvonne seriously.

Seeing that the scene was out of control again, Yvonne forced herself to calm down. She wondered what Cary would do in the face of such a situation.

Yvonne recalled Cary's usual calm and firm eyes and his bold actions. Taking a deep breath, she pounded the table with great mom

at Mr. Cary was injured. "

Yvonne's heart skipped a beat when she took a closer look. She had thought that the overall situation would have been out of control since Cary was not here. But now, she didn't expect that the news of Cary's injury would spread out so quickly. Now, everyone in the company must be jittery and worried about themselves.

Seeing that Meade and Yvonne looked strange, these smart directors of course could see that. Someone stood out and asked, 'Miss Yvonne, what happened?

This was really terrible, now Yvonne was in a terrible mood. However, at this time, she couldn't let her negative emotions show. At this critical moment, she should be calmer, just like Cary in the past.

At the thought of this, Yvonne put the newspaper on the table to let everyone know. She said calmly, "It seems that our opponent has already taken action before us. It seems that we will have a hard battle in the future."

When the board members saw the newspaper, they were all angry and said, "Who did this? Isn't it kicking us when we're down?"? It had gone too far! If it went on like this, the outside world would definitely lose confidence in the Su Group. In that case, how could the business continue?

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