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   Chapter 235 Quibble And Deny

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Frowning, Rae thought that Aaron was extremely audacious. Even at this time, he still wanted to ask for money. "Aaron, I said that as long as you help me destroy Yvonne, I would give you 10 million. But now, look at this bitch, how can you ask me for money? "

When Aaron heard that Rae wanted to go back on her word, he was furious. He said to her fiercely, "Rae, don't turn your back on me. If it weren't for your old lover, I would have succeeded. How could I end up like this? "

Cary? Rae was taken aback, she didn't know how Cary knew about it. If Cary knew that it was her who was behind all this, he wouldn't let her go.

"Aaron, make it clear. Didn't you tell me that everything was going well? Why was Cary there? " Rae began to feel scared and asked in a trembling voice.

Aaron snorted, "I don't know who leaked the news, but it doesn't matter now. I think it's hard for Cary to protect himself now. Before I left, I taught him a lesson. I guess he can't get out of danger now. "

"Teach him a lesson? Aaron, what did you do to Cary? " "What's wrong with Cary?"

"Humph! Cary came out and ruined my plan. Before I left, I hit the back of his head with an iron rod. I guess he was badly hurt. He deserves it. He deserves a good lesson. " Aaron said viciously, he didn't regret what he had done at all.

It turned out that Cary was injured, no wonder she hadn't seen Cary since the accident. Otherwise, with his temper, he should have come to question her earlier.

"Ms. Rae, Ms. Rae?" Seeing that Rae kept silent, Aaron couldn't help but ask anxiously, "When on earth will you give me the money? I don't have time. You don't wa

it to heart. According to the victim's description, when Aaron kidnapped Miss Yvonne, he said that you ordered him to do this. Do you have any explanation for this matter? "

Rae's heart jolted and she cursed in her mind, 'Aaron, you bastard! How dare you speak out me?' However, she immediately rolled her eyes and denied, "Sir, this is a huge grievance. I have no enmity with Yvonne. Why did I order Aaron to kidnap her? They have gone too far. How can they talk nonsense? "

"Ms. Rae, we just want to ask the details. I hope you won't take it to heart." The policeman comforted Rae with a smile, "But since our victim said this, we still have to make an important case to ask. What's the relationship between you and Yvonne? Did you have any grudge before?"

Rae pretended to think for a while and said, "Well, Yvonne? I don't remember anything about this person... Maybe she heard it wrong when she was frightened. "

"Okay, we see. Thank you." Seeing that they couldn't get any answer, the policemen were about to leave. "If there is any news about Aaron, please inform us immediately."

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