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   Chapter 217 Dramatic Reversal

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 5787

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Cary sneered, "The boss of Blue Bay was going to hide abroad as soon as he got the money. Unfortunately, he doesn't know that I have made a deal with his creditor. As long as he got the money, his creditor would immediately catch him and transfer the money. At that time, even if he wants to run away, he can't. "

After listening to Cary's whole plan, Yvonne couldn't help but sigh that the man in front of her was really not an ordinary scheming man. She really didn't know whether she should admire him or feel sorry for the boss of the Blue Bay Company. He even wanted to negotiate with a person like Cary. Wasn't it a treacherous act?

"To deal with such greedy and cunning people, we have to use this very method." However, Cary didn't care about it at all, he thought it was a light method to treat an unscrupulous person.

He glanced at Yvonne who shook her head and sighed. Then he said, "Yvonne, if you want to defeat the enemy, the key is to grasp the weakness of the other party and kill him in one blow.". This was the so-called "know the enemy and know yourself ".

"I don't think I have the ability to do that. You are too cruel." Yvonne couldn't help but sigh, feeling that she couldn't be as decisive and ruthless as Cary did.

Hearing what Yvonne said, Cary held her shoulders solemnly and made her look at him directly. "Yvonne, business is like a battlefield. Only when you become stronger can you be invincible. You must have confidence in yourself. "

Looking at Cary who was so serious, Yvonne was really not sure that she could do as he did. However, since she had chosen this industry, she couldn't give up halfway.

"Okay, I will try my best." Yvonne sighed, she was really unsure.

Since the L

ar to see that Rae didn't mean to apologize, but insulted Yvonne more harshly. He was about to stand out and argue with her for Yvonne, but was stopped by Yvonne.

Yvonne really didn't want Calvin to have a quarrel with Rae because of her, she knew very well that Rae vented the anger on her because of the refusal of Cary. There was no need to involve the innocent Calvin in this mess.

Yvonne covered her face with hand and suppressed her grievance, she pulled Calvin and was about to leave. "Forget it, boss. Let's ignore her. Let's go."

"But, Yvonne, she's really bullying you." Calvin still felt indignant for Yvonne, "We can't just let it go. Anyway, it's wrong for her to hit you. We can call the police and make her apologize to you. "

Hearing that Calvin wanted to call the police, Yvonne held her hand more tightly and said no. She didn't want to make it a big deal. Rae was a public figure, the reporters would definitely be attracted.

If the relationship between her and Cary is revealed, she didn't know how the media will describe the relationship between her and Cary. If that happened, things would really be out of control.

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