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   Chapter 216 Get The Secret Information

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Noticing Yvonne's hesitation, Calvin stopped forcing her, he asked her to sort out the documents and give them to him. Then he went upstairs to see the CEO himself.

When Calvin entered the CEO's office and told the news to the dignified and solemn Cary, he couldn't help but also feel nervous. He wondered if this young CEO would get angry and blame him for doing something wrong and scold him.

On the contrary, when Cary heard that the Blue Bay Company had basically decided to cooperate with the Lin Group, he was not angry at all. Instead, he looked at Calvin calmly and asked him to keep an eye on Lin Group and wait for his next instructions.

Seeing Cary's reaction, Calvin began to be confused. Things had come to a critical juncture. Why didn't Cary look anxious at all? Instead, he chose to do nothing, which was unusual.

Even though he had thousands of doubts in his heart, because he had worked in the Su Group for so long, Calvin completely believed that Cary had the ability to turn the tide. Although he was about the same age as Cary, he couldn't help admiring and admiring the young CEO's wise decisions.

Just as Calvin agreed and was about to leave, he was stopped by Cary. He asked in a low voice, "Calvin, how is Yvonne doing in your department? "

Although he often heard about the work of Yvonne in Meade's report, he only heard a rough idea. So when he saw Calvin today, he couldn't help asking.

Now that the boss asked, Calvin replied respectfully and truthfully, "Yvonne has been working hard. She is smart and makes rapid progress. She also gets along well with the colleagues. I believe it won't be long before she can handle the business alone. "

After saying that, Calvin looked at the expression on Cary's face. Seeing that he was silent and seemed not satisfied with his ques

suddenly changed mind and stopped cooperating with the Lin Group. This decision not only shocked Lin Group, but also Yvonne. She didn't know what made the Lin Group, who had been confident, lose the victory in the end.

For this matter, she specially asked Calvin. But Yvonne found he also looked confused as if he really didn't know. However, he told Yvonne that it seemed that Cary had done something behind to force Blue Bay to give up the cooperation with Lin Group.

After all, Yvonne was in charge of this case. If he didn't figure out the details of the matter, how could she be reconciled? She had to ask Cary what he had done to make Blue Bay yield.

Originally, Cary didn't want to tell Yvonne the truth. In the end, he had yield to Yvonne and told her the fact. It turned out that it was because Cary had known that the boss of the Blue Bay Company was gambling outside and owed a lot of usury. If this matter was exposed, even the Lin Group would not dare to take over his mess.

"But if we take over the Blue Bay Company, it will also be terrible for us." Looking at Cary worriedly, Yvonne asked, "What if, after we accept the Blue Bay, the usury lenders come to us to ask us for the debts? "

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