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   Chapter 215 Waiting For Someone To Raise The Price

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"But, boss. Their attitude is too ambiguous, we have already been suppressed to such a low condition and accommodate them so well. Besides, as far as I know, they have a big debt crisis. Why are they still so unhurried? " Yvonne couldn't figure it out, she felt that the attitude of the other party was so evasive, which made her feel like she was kicked into an iron plate.

Calvin smiled faintly, "Yvonne, if you have something to sell. If there are many people who want to buy it, are you still in a hurry to sell it? "

After thinking for a while, Yvonne understood what Calvin meant. "Boss, you mean they are waiting for someone to raise the price, right?"

"Yes, that's human's basic mentality. It's not strange. Look, the one who raised the price is here, isn't he? " Calvin looked at the two people who just got out of the car on the roadside and said to Yvonne, "If I didn't guess wrong, they should be the people of the Lin Group."

Looking in the direction of Calvin's gaze, Yvonne was surprised to find that. One of the two people got off the car was Jay. It seemed that Calvin was right. The Lin Group was indeed their strong competitor. Such a finding made her nervous.

"So, boss, what should we do now?" Now that Yvonne was at a loss, they couldn't compete with the Lin Group all the time to raise the price. In that case, both sides would suffer losses in the end.

Calvin shrugged and said helplessly, "We have no choice, we have done what we should do, and the rest can only be to wait."

Wait? Looking at Calvin in surprise, Yvonne didn't expect that the usually vigorous and efficient man would be willing to do nothing like this.

"Yes, it's just waiting. Yvonne, remember, sometimes waiting is also a strategy. You will understand it gradually. " Calvin said mysteriously with an unfathomable smile to Yvonne.

Yvonne nodded, though she didn't understand what Calvin meant. Howe

pen so soon. It seemed that they must have offered a more attractive price to make the Blue Bay make the final decision. "

Calvin had planned to wait and see the reaction of Blue Bay before deciding the next step. He didn't expect that the Lin Group would take action so quickly. It seemed that after he and Yvonne left today, the Lin Group should have offered a more attractive price, so that Blue Bay Company could make such a quick decision.

"Does the Blue Bay Company only care about the price and they don't care about the staff? Is there anything else?" Seeing this, Yvonne's mood became serious, she frowned and said.

"It's hard not to be tempted in front of benefits." Calvin smiled lightly, and then quickly adjusted his mood. "Yvonne, I'm going to report this to the CEO. Do you want to go with me?"

What? Are they going to see Cary now? Looking at Calvin's eyes, Yvonne hesitated, "Well, boss, you'd better go yourself. I won't go. I... I... "

In fact, Yvonne didn't know what she was afraid of. Although the two of them had dates in private, they had never talked with each other as superior and subordinate in the company. She was never a person who was good at disguising, she really couldn't pretend to be unfamiliar with Cary in front of Calvin.

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