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   Chapter 212 The Strongest Opponent

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Ellie picked up the documents on the ground and looked at them casually. She murmured, "I seem to have heard of the Blue Bay acquisition case somewhere."

When Yvonne was about to say thank you to Ellie, she heard Ellie's voice and looked at her in surprise. "Well, do you know this case?"

Ellie nodded and tried to recall, "Oh, I remember that my company seems to attach great importance to this case recently. My colleagues are also discussing this matter. " Ellie didn't know the case until she heard others' discussion, since her own department was not in charge of this case.

Sitting on the sofa, Jay was obviously much better and sober. He also heard the conversation between Ellie and Yvonne. "The Blue Bay purchase case? The main project of our department is this case now. I heard that the superior has attached great importance to this matter. We must win this case. "

He had heard about it from the director. It was said that Ms. Rae was determined to get the plan, even if they should raise the price. He didn't expect that Yvonne would mention it again at home today.

"What's wrong? Do you also want to purchase the Blue Bay Company?" Yvonne asked Jay in surprise.

Jay rubbed his head, which was still as heavy as a stone, nodded and took a deep breath. "I didn't expect that the Su Group is also interested in this case, it seems that we are destined to be competitors. "

In fact, in his heart, he was unwilling to fight against Yvonne face to face. He could only hope that the director would exclude him from this case because he was still a newcomer.

Unexpectedly, Yvonne didn't seem to feel embarrassed at all. After picking up the documents on the ground, she walked up to Jay and stretched out a hand. "Then let's work together and see who can get the case first."

Jay stood up and forced a smile, he held Yvonne's han

rsation with Jay last night. She asked hesitantly, "Boss, is the Lin Group also interested in this plan?"

"Yes. Have you heard of it? Yes, the Lin Group is our strongest opponent in this acquisition. To be honest, our current price is already enough, and the other party also has signs of accepting our offer. However, the Lin Group suddenly raised the price, which caused the need to adjust the plan this time. " Calvin frowned and said seriously.

In fact, he was not very clear about this situation. He had been working in this industry for a long time, but he hadn't seen any company raise the price by 1/3 in order to achieve the goal.

Judging from his profession and experience, it was totally unreasonable. According to the current market, the Lin Group didn't have much profit margin. Besides, they might have to bear the insufficient liquidity. He really didn't understand this issue which was harmful to both others and themselves. Why did Lin Group do that?

Was it really because of a personal grudge? Was it because Cary's unilaterally clarification with Rae last time? It made Rae feel humiliated, and indirectly caused the stock price of Lin Group to fall. So she went against the Su Group at all costs this time?

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