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   Chapter 211 Unwillingness

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 6160

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Cary didn't want Yvonne to know that it was him who arranged her to take over the case this time, he didn't want to give her any burden, so she could try her best to accept the challenge. At the same time, he also believed that with the ability of Yvonne, she would definitely be able to complete this task.

"Really?" Looking at Cary in disbelief, Yvonne wanted to find some clues of lying on his face. However, to her disappointment, Cary still looked as calm as usual, there was no flaw.

Having no choice, Yvonne sighed and continued to read the plan.

Without raising his head, Cary found Yvonne didn't turned her head and looked at the document carefully, he frowned and said, "Yvonne, don't read the document in the car. It's not good for your eyes."

"I have no choice, time is pressing. I want to know more about the Blue Bay Company." Yvonne patted her bag helplessly, "These are the relevant materials I collected, I need to finish them after I go home. Only by this can I discuss the specific feasible plan with Calvin tomorrow. "

"Well, I wish you success. It seems that I can look forward to the next acquisition plan. " Although Cary said so, his tone was inevitably a little sad.

Looking at Yvonne who had completely ignored him, Cary began to regret handing over the acquisition case to her. If it went on like this, the short time he could be with Yvonne would be taken up.

In order to get familiar with the information about the acquisition case as soon as possible, Yvonne rushed back home after dinner with Cary, and this also caused Cary's dissatisfaction.

However, she had no choice, since she really wanted to finish this work well. After parting with Cary, Yvonne returned home with a large pile of documents in her arms.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Yvonne entered the door, she heard the sound of vomit

tiating with clients over and over again, he had learned a lot and benefited a lot.

Besides, although the director didn't say it, he could see the approval in his eyes. In that case, he would be closer to his goal, so his efforts and hard work would not be in vain.

"It doesn't matter for me. But Ellie did everything for you, you should thank her." Looking at Ellie, who was sweating, Yvonne shook her head helplessly.

Looking at the reproachful look on Yvonne's face, Ellie hurried to protect Jay. "Yvonne, don't mention him. He has no choice but to work."

"Just protect him. He will be spoiled by you sooner or later." Casting a glance at the drunken Jay, Yvonne stood up, picked up the documents on the table and was about to go back to the room.

Perhaps because she lost her balance, her hand slipped and the documents in her arms fell to the ground. Sitting on the sofa, Jay looked at the documents all over the ground and struggled to sit up. He wanted to help Yvonne pick up the documents, but was pushed back to his seat by Ellie.

"Just sit down and have a rest. I'll pick it up for her." Ellie said unhappily, she stood up reluctantly, walked to Yvonne and squatted to help her pick up the documents.

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