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   Chapter 208 Purchase Of Blue Bay

Adoration Beyond Compare By Ying Suhua Characters: 6314

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"Take them outside and wait for me for a moment. I'll come back after saying goodbye to my friend." Fred patted the absent-minded Bess and told her.

"Okay, go ahead." When Bess turned around, she saw the friend of Fred was waving at him with a smile, she said, "Thank your friend for giving us the chance to perform. "

Fred nodded and left. Bess was waiting for Fred in the car with the band. In the car, everyone was talking about the show excitedly.

"Oh my God! I was so nervous that my legs trembled when I saw so many people watching us off the stage." Adele was so excited that her face turned red and kept saying.

Tom didn't take Adele's words seriously. He poked at her forehead and said, "Look at you, you were so spineless. Didn't we perform in your hometown before? There were also many people at that time."

Adele was not convinced and patted Tom back. "How can it be the same? At that time, they were all from my own hometown, they watched me grow up, so I would not be so nervous."

Paul echoed, "Yes, just now an audience came to me for signature. I'm so nervous, we just look like superstars. Look, my palms are still wet with sweat. "

Just as everyone was talking about today's performance excitedly, Bess, who was sitting in the front seat, saw Fred and his friend, the two seemed to be talking about something.

With her good eyesight, and Fred was not far away from them, Bess could see the expression on his face clearly. She didn't know what the director had said, then there was a painful look appeared on Fred's face. In the end, he left in a hurry even without saying goodbye, his friends who stayed there just looked at him with pity and sighed.

When Fred returned to the car, his face had returned to normal. He sat in the driver's seat and pretended to ask them with a relaxed smile, "How do you feel? What were you talking about just now?"

y person who had the courage to go against him was probably Rae.

Meade nodded and continued, "Here is the thing. Both Lin Group and we are willing to purchase the Blue Bay Company, and the price of our two families is almost the same. But I don't know what's going on recently, they suddenly raised the bid, seeming to be determined to get this acquisition case. "

"Okay, I see. You can leave now." Cary frowned and suddenly stopped Meade. He raised the document in his hand and asked, "Is this offer submitted by the strategic development department? "

Meade nodded and replied, "Yes, this plan was submitted by Calvin, he think you may want to have a look at it first. "

Cary nodded, raising the corners of his mouth slightly, he changed the topic, "How's Yvonne's performance in Calvin's department? "

Meade smiled and understood what Cary meant. During this period of time, although Cary had been keeping a distance from Yvonne in the company, Meade could tell from the smile on the boss's face that the relationship between them must be very smooth.

"I heard from Calvin that Yvonne has made rapid progress recently. She has been fully responsible for some simple cases. " Meade also knew that he had to keep an eye on the proprietress.

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