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   Chapter 207 Can't Win His Love

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Therefore, even though Bess had always been casual all the time, she was still a little unhappy when Bess was casually talking about her own emotional life.

But Rae didn't think so, "Bess, we have known each other for so many years. Do you still want to hide this from me? I'll know as soon as I see the man's eyes on you. "

Seeing that Rae was still talking to herself, Bess simply ignored her. She lowered her head and slowly tasted the coffee in her hand. The bangs on her forehead covered her sight.

That's good. After all, she didn't have to see the people and things she didn't like. Bess took a sip of her coffee, keeping Rae out of her sight. She thought that Rae would let her leave when she got bored.

"I thought after you came back. You would make up with Jack again. Alas, six years had passed. When I was with Cary, you and Jack, we were so happy. " Without noticing the coldness of Bess, Rae continued. Speaking of six years ago, her eyes were full of nostalgia and sadness.

Hearing what happened six years ago, Bess was also moved and raised her head. Perhaps she was softened by the sadness in Rae's eyes.

With a sigh, she asked hesitantly, "Are you okay with Cary? Is it really impossible for you to get back together?"

Since she came back from the Rae's house last time, Bess had noticed that Rae had never given up on Cary. However, Cary had no intention of turning around, even with the existence of Bella, he did not waver at all.

Hearing what Bess said, all kinds of emotions flashed across Rae's face, sad, jealous and aggrieved. But in the end, her face was full of resentment. "Yes, we will be together again. Even if I can't get him in the end, I won't let other women get him. "

Looking at the extreme expression on Rae's face, Bess knew she had lost her temper again. Sh

offee shop, Bess stopped and took a look at the seat where Rae was sitting. Although Rae was dressed in famous brands, with delicate makeup, she looked arrogant. Unfortunately, in Bess's eyes, it was pitiful and pathetic.

Yes, now Rae seemed to have everything. She was richer and more independent than six years ago. However, money could not make people happy.

Obviously, the six years of suffering did not change her selfish personality, and she didn't learn how to tolerate and care for others. And with such a personality, she was destined to never win the love of Cary.

When Bess returned to the performance site, the performance of the band was over. Only the host was introducing the products to the audience.

Bess walked over to Fred and helped them pack up the equipment. Fred turned to look at Bess and found that she was a little unhappy. He pretended to ask casually, "What's wrong? Are you unhappy with your friend?"

Bess shook her head and continued to clean up. She didn't care much about Rae. But when she heard Rae's words just now, Bess couldn't help worrying about Bella. With such a selfish mother, Bella must have a hard time in the future. Bess was thinking about that issue.

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